Road Safety Tips Refresher

When it comes to driving safely, many of us don’t always adhere to what we learned. Maybe we pick up some bad habits or just forget what we learned when we first passed our driver’s test. This is why it’s a good idea to give yourself a refresher on basic road safety skills. Here are some essential safety tips that you can use to get yourself back up to par.

Safety starts from the inside of the vehicle. Remember to always make sure your passengers are buckled in with seatbelts. Also be sure that children and pets are securely buckled in to their respective safety seats or harnesses. Nowadays, you can find many accessories that keep your pets from distracting you while driving.

Next, you should try to avoid letting your gas tank fall below about a third full. That way you never have to worry about running out of gas.

Another tip has to do with navigation and mapping. While many cars have GPS tools that make getting where you need to go easy, it’s still a good idea to carry maps with you of your local area, in case the GPS fails for some reason.

Always remember to have some basic safety supplies, including flashlights, a first aid kit, blanket, emergency water and emergency food. In colder areas, be sure to pack extra blankets and warm clothes.

Carry a portable manual battery charger for your cell phone. Should your cell phone battery become depleted, these portable battery chargers can give you that extra few minutes you might need to call for help in an emergency situation. There are chargers that use a AA battery and also chargers that use a manual wind-up device.

If you break down, there’s a number of safety rules you should follow to keep you and your passengers safe. Make sure you park your vehicle off the road, well away from traffic. Try to stay inside your vehicle and keep the windows up and doors locked. If there is something mechanical wrong with your vehicle, raise the hood. This alerts passersby that you are in distress. You can also tie a white rag or cloth to your antenna or door handle. You can also buy flares and keep them in your trunk. When you break down, light the flares and place them at least 25 yards behind your vehicle.

If you encounter road debris, remember that sometimes its better to run it over than to try to go around it, especially when driving at a higher speed.

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