Safety Features To Look For When Buying Vehicles

Shopping for a new or used car? The auto market offers you variety of vehicles to choose from. You will find yourself drawn to cars that look great to drive be a smart consumer by evaluating the car for the safety features it offers.

Here are some features to look for to ensure the safety of your passengers and your safety as the driver.

Safety belts – the single most important safety feature that has to be installed in a car. Seat belts keep passengers safe in their seats so that impact to dashboard, steering wheel or other things in the car will be avoided. Try to sit in the car and put on the seat belt to test it.

Air bags – designed to protect the driver and passengers, these bags are usually hidden in the steering wheel, dashboard, sides, and even in rear seats. Frontal air bags inflate to prevent you from hitting the dashboard, windshield and/or steering wheel. Side air bags will protect car occupants to hit the door or other objects that will crash through it. Air bag systems are becoming advance as new car innovations are introduced. These days, it can automatically detect the position and size of the passenger, the severity of the crash and uses this information to determine the force by which the bag would inflate.

Anti-lock Brake System – this feature prevents the wheels of your car from locking during panic braking. Accidents can be avoided because you will maintain better steering control as the car is allowed to slow down. It is highly recommended that you learn how to use this system correctly to ensure that you get its greatest benefit.

Electronic stability control – this feature is helpful in times of intense steering maneuvers. It helps drivers to maintain control over their cars. This prevents your car from spinning out of control.

The blind spot warning systems – these are technical solutions developed and installed in your car to help alleviate vehicle blind spots. Usually there are indicators in your dashboard or side doors warning you of the presence of other vehicles in the blind spot area. Blind spot warning systems could also be in the form of sensors on your rear bumper.

Lane departure warning systems – with cameras or other sensors, this is another system designed to help prevent head-on collisions and other catastrophes. A light flashes and a high-pitched beep sounds if you leave your lane.

The most important safety features are covered here but as technology advances, you will find more advance car features that can ensure your safety while driving.

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