Save Up to 50% of Fuel With These Awesome Tips

Are you fed up with your fuel bills? Does your car consume more fuel than you ever imagined? Irrespective of the car you drive, there are chances to increase the fuel economy for your car to a certain level with proper driving and regular care of the car. Some easy and quick tips below could help you in saving a lot of money a year and boost your car’s efficiency to a high extent. Check it out below,

1. Keep a check on air filter

A dirty and opaque air filter can cause your car to consume more fuel than normal. Keep the air filter of the car clean. They are easy to check and remove. Check the filter by holding it up to the sun and check if you can see through, a clean filter would allow you to see through, but a dirty one could hinder your sight indicating it’s time to change the filter. A clean air filter can increase your car’s performance and fuel economy, helping you to save money as well.

2. Avoid leaving your car idle

Keeping your car idle for long can yield poor fuel efficiency. Whether it’s a call that forced you to stand along the footpath or a red light, the idle state of car consumes more fuel. If the idle duration is long, it’s advisable to switch off the car’s engine, thereby preventing the high consumption of gasoline.

3. Maintain a desired pressure in tires

Keep your car’s tires inflated to an optimum and manufacturer’s recommended level to experience higher fuel efficiency and a longer life of tires. Driving the car with one of the tires under-inflated can cause your car’s mileage to decrease, but following the user manual for optimum air pressure value can increase the mileage by 10 percent. Check out the user manual or car’s door-post data plate for the recommended pressure for tires.

4. Don’t drive fast

Following the posted speed limits for roads can also help in increasing the average of your car. Speed and mileage of the car are indirectly proportional to each other that is, speed increases, the mileage of the car decreases and vice-versa. You could save immensely on fuel consumption and money while driving your car at an adequate and advisable speed.

5. Thrifty use of air conditioner

Turn on the A/c when required because it puts an extra load on the car’s engine thereby consuming more fuel. Experience natural air when traveling to nearby places and switch on A/C on highways as air conditioners are more efficient on expressways as compared to the city because of high wind resistance.

6. Carpooling

One of the best ways to save fuel is carpooling. Encourage carpooling while traveling to your office, a party or any other place wherever possible. This could save a lot of fuel for the future generation.

7. Know your transmission better

You should know the right time to shift gears in case of manual transmission for smooth working of your car’s engine. Shift to higher gears gently and in time.

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