Scion FR-S LED Daytime Running Lights

With the recent arrival of the Toyota 86 or as how it is known here in the states, the Scion FR-S, it has been at the center of the aftermarket world. Unfortunately, for the car enthusiasts like us in the United States, we normally don’t get the same options and features that the original Japanese version has such as LED daytime running lights. Since we are in the aftermarket lighting industry, it was only natural for us to develop an LED solution for the Scion FR-S in the United States. Because of this reason, a direct replacement for the entire fog light assembly which adds LED daytime running lights has been developed.

These DRL lamps can be directly connected to the factory fog lights (if equipped) or use the module that is supplied with our kit to power the lights. Each lamp uses six (6) Osram LED diodes producing 7.5W per side to create a bright, unique, and eye-catching look. These lights produce a 6000K Xenon White color which will allow it to blend in seamlessly with other aftermarket lights from us. Since most of the Scion FR-S’s on the street do not come equipped with fog lights as a standard option, it is a direct replacement. However, for those who have factory equipped fog lights, those will have to be removed during installation. Simply have the wires tapped to ground, and ACC 12V and you can enjoy this new LED daytime running lights.

The Scion FR-S in the United States did not have an option for factory LED daytime running lights like the Toyota 86 does in Japan, instead it came with a common solution that most auto makers use which converts the high beams into the daytime running lights. This alternative is bland since most other manufacturers use this type of running light.

The goal is to provide an innovative LED look by creating a similar look of the Toyota 86. These LED lights serve other purposes besides looking great on the car such as improving safety and visibility during the day or night by providing more light for others to the car. And while the car may not be exactly a Toyota 86, these LEDs should definitely be on the list of modifications to do to your Scion FR-S when converting it. The United States models may not get all the bells and whistles that the Japanese versions do, but we do certainly try to create products like this to compensate for the difference.

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