Scooter Safety Tips

There is nothing quite like riding a scooter down the road. Scooters are a great way to travel and get around, but they can be dangerous. Here are some safety tips for your next ride.


The helmet is probably the most important protective gear. In most states, scooter riders are required to wear a helmet. Helmets not only protect you, but they also make the ride easier. A helmet minimizes debris flying in your face. A helmet can even protect you in extreme temperature. When you buy a helmet, make sure it fits properly. It should be comfortable and not too loose or tight. If you shake your head, the helmet should stay firmly on. Replace any cracked helmets.

Protective gear

Additional protective gear is quite helpful. You may want to invest in eye protection, protective pants, and a protective jacket. Eye protection will keep insects or debris from flying into your eyes. In the case of an accident, protective clothing will minimize injuries.

Stand out

It can be difficult for motorists to see a scooter on the road. Wear bright colors and reflective clothing to stand out. You can also add reflective strips to your helmet. Use your horn if necessary. You want to make sure that every motorist knows you are there.


Never assume that another motorist will know where you are going. Always signal and give drivers plenty of notice that you are going to change lanes or turn. You are more vulnerable than a car driver so you need to communicate well.

Intersection safety

Many accidents involving scooters occur at intersections. At an intersection, look around you for any potential hazards. Ride defensively. Look for any cars that may try to cut you off. Pay attention to turning cars around you. Follow traffic laws and you should be able to ride through an intersection safely!

Know state rules and regulations

Many states have special rules and regulations for scooters. Find out all the state laws before taking your scooter on the road. You may be unintentionally endangering yourself.

Be patient

You may have to deal with tailgaters. Try to ignore them and be safe. Leave extra space between you and the vehicle in front of you. This will protect you in case the tailgater rear ends you. Ride closer to the center of the lane. This will prevent the tailgater from trying to pass you.

Be careful when you ride when it is dark

When it is dark out, visibility is low. During these darker hours, it can be dangerous for you to ride your scooter. Make sure you use your headlights and be extra careful. Motorists on the road will have difficulty seeing you. You should ride with caution.

Avoid riding in bad weather

Visibility is also low in bad weather. The poor weather conditions are also dangerous for you to ride in. If the floor is wet or icy, you are more likely to skid or slip on the roads. Poor road conditions also increase your risk of accident. If the weather is really bad, you may want to avoid riding your scooter completely.

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