Setting Up my Own DIY Workshop

I am in a very fortunate situation at the moment. Two years ago my disabled father and I moved into a new ground floor flat and we were delighted to discover that not only do we have a nice-sized front garden but we also have an even bigger back garden that had not one, but two brand new sheds in it.

We made an agreement when we moved in that one shed would be used for him and his gardening hobby and the other shed would be for me to use as a home gym, something I had been longing to do for a long time.

The situation changed in my favour recently when he decided he didn’t want to do his gardening hobby anymore (I say “anymore” when in actual fact he never got started) and I have seized upon this opportunity to turn the second shed into a workspace for my fledgling interest in DIY.

Woodwork was something that I really took an interest in at school, while everyone else was making basic clocks and book ends I would be in the corner knocking together a drinks cabinet. I remember taking that home for my mother, it lasted a month before she had to throw it out because the cats had wrecked it with their claws.

I’ll be starting off with basic tools for now but at some point I will be looking to buy more expensive equipment like baldor and vertical bandsaws down the line.

Dean Saliba

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