Shopping Lists are Now as Easy as (Buying) Pie

How many times have you gone shopping with a scrap of paper & a pen and every so often you remember some items you have forgotten and have to keep stopping to find a surface to write them down on the piece of paper?

How about you are in the store and your partner texts you every time he/she remembers something you have missed from the list? Now you have to go through their messages one by one and add these items.

It isn’t going to make your life easier is it?

Well, not unless you start using Buy Me A Pie.

Buy Me A Pie is the ultimate grocery list manager app that will make shopping so much less stressful. You compile the list and if your partner wants to add something they simply log in and add it to the list, no more single text messages and no more you having to stop to write them to your piece of paper!

Why not try it out today? The app is free for Apple users and is only £2.82 for Android users – well worth the price to simplify your shopping experience.

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