Should I Buy Tyres Online Or From The Local Garage?

Tyres are something that all of us whom own a vehicle need. We depend on them to keep us rolling from destination to destination, and without a good set of tyres it is safe to say that going for a ride isn’t something that you will be doing – unless it’s one ending abruptly on the hard shoulder that is.

When it comes to buying tyres, the options for doing so are endless these days.  You can buy them new and used, and at a variety of places. The Web and the local garage are the two most popular sources for buying tyres. So, where should you buy your tyres – from the web, the local garage or somewhere else? There are certainly pros and cons of each and I’ll take a look at those right here.

Buying Tyres Online

Buying tyres online has certainly become a popular way to purchase tyres, and with good reason. It is quick and easy, and you can head online any time that you want to make your selection and your purchase. Oftentimes, the prices for tyres online are lower than what can be found at the local garage. As a bonus, there are often other special offers that you can enjoy with the purchase of tyres online.

These range from promotional t-shirts and mugs to gift cards and money-back offers. The biggest disappointment with buying tyres on the web is that it takes a few days for them to arrive at your home. Another disadvantage is that you can’t see the tyres that you are purchasing. You will also eventually need to make it to the garage to have them installed. That is why it is wise to buy them online from a reputable dealer, and to deal with the other potential disappointment, look at websites that also offer a fitting service.

Buying Tyres At The Local Garage

There are several disadvantage of buying tyres at the local garage, especially when you compare it to the benefits of online shopping.

First, you need to make it to the garage before it closes. Most garages keep normal business hours, and if you are working during those hours, it is certainly a hassle to get there in time.

Another disadvantage of buying tyres at the local garage is that you will need to fight traffic to get there, waste your fuel and deal with the annoyance of a sometimes pushy salesman.

On a positive note you do get to view the tyres before you make the purchase, and can have them put on your vehicle right then and there so there is no hassle.

The Bottom Line

These days, most people turn to the Web when they need to make a purchase, and if you are in need of tyres it is in your best interest to set your sights there as well.

Buying tyres online offers tons of benefits and extras that you just cannot find when you shop at the local garage.

Consider both of your options and then decide for yourself where the best benefit can be found.

You will certainly be able to appreciate all of the advantages that come your way when you buy your tyres on the web, but may look for the comfort in seeing the product first hand and getting it fitted on the day of purchase.

Dean Saliba

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