Should We Look Forward To Hydrogen Cars?

Many people are looking forward to the day when fossil fuels are no longer burned for the energy needed to drive our cars. There are some cars now that rely on electricity for power, or a combination of electricity and gasoline. However, wouldn’t it be great if we could run our car on hydrogen and make our cars so much better?

Zero Emissions

The best part of using a hydrogen fuel cell is that there are no emissions. There is going to be less pollution and less impact on the environment. The design calls for no emissions other than heat and water. There would be nothing harmful or dangerous that would be the result of driving your car.

Less Money To Drive Your Car

You wouldn’t have to go to a gas pump to fill up your car, you would go to a hydrogen filling station to fill up your car. This wouldn’t necessarily be free, but it would cost much less than you spend to fill up now. Just spending less money to fuel your automobile is one great reason why you should be excited for the hydrogen cars to finally be rolled out.

Hydrogen Cars Already Being Used

These cars are not just the wave of the future, but are a product of the present. Cars are being driven in Japan, Norway and a handful of hydrogen cars are being driven in the United States. As the infrastructure gets better, these cars will become cheaper and mass production wouldn’t be far off. At the very least, these cars would have a dual gas/hydrogen engine at first. This would still reduce emissions and reduce costs.

Lessen Dependence On Foreign Oil

One of the big issues in the United States is that they have to import so much of their oil from countries that are not necessarily friendly to us. If hydrogen was used as a fuel source, it would cut down dramatically on the amount of oil that would have to be imported from these countries. This alone should be one major reason why people should be looking forward to getting hydrogen fuel cells as an alternate fuel source to gasoline.

Could Be Cheaper To Insure

Much like how electric cars are sometimes cheaper to insure, it could reduce insurance costs to have a hydrogen car. Purchasing a safe car that uses a technology that is ahead of the curve causes insurers to see you as someone who is reliable and is a safe driver. This means you could save some money on car insurance as well as money on gas, who wouldn’t want that?

New technology comes along from time to time that can change everything. Just like gasoline powered engines once proved to be the cheapest and most efficient method of transportation, a hydrogen powered car will make it cheaper and safer to drive in the future. As more and more people find out about the advantages, they will clamor for these cars and will want to reap the benefits.

Dean Saliba

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