How Could Such a Simple Part Make Such a Huge Difference in the Performance of Your Car?

aFe Power’s high performance products are the only filters in the auto parts world that use what’s called progressively finer mesh. The holes in the mesh, which is what filters the air before it goes to your engine, get smaller and smaller, as you work through the layers of mesh. Each layer of mesh will filter out the smaller particles that slipped through the previous outer layers. That means your filter doesn’t easily get clogged and lots of air reaches your engine, no matter how much dust, dirt and sand particles are left on the filter. And you know that means more horsepower for you!

How Your Car’s Air Filter Works

Perhaps you can compare your car’s filter to the air filter on an Air Conditioning unit. You’ve opened your AC closet and seen the dirty mess that accumulates on the filter. It happens in no time, especially in sandy areas like beach side homes. Don’t own any oceanfront property? The same principal applies to your vacuum cleaner. There’s a filter there, too. After just one swipe over your carpets, take a look and you’ll want to clean it out immediately. Imagine your vacuum attempting to pull air through that filter that’s clogged with hair and dust. You know it’ll work better if you have a clean filter. Same with your AC, and same with your car.

When your car’s air filter is clogged, less air is able to flow through.Know where that air is trying to go? To your engine. So, when you’re driving around with a clogged filter, you are basically restricting air to your engine. The result is reduced power, reduced mileage. Your engine is forced to work harder, with less air, so your gas efficiency plummets.

How High Performance Air Filters Work

With high performance air filters, we take that concept one step further. aFe Power’s High Performance Filters allow even more air to reach your engine because they allow more air through. More air reaching the engine means that your engine will have LOTS of power. You and your engine will love the extra power.

aFe Power, like all other performance air filters, allow more air but if you don’t choose a quality brand of high performance air filters like aFe Power, you will also be letting more dust reach your engine. aFe Power products always keep emissions in mind. Their filters are rated high performance but they are still “street legal”. That means the filter does not affect the emission controls or the intake tract.

aFe Power Makes More than Filters

Your air filter is only part of the entire intake system of your car. aFe Power manufactures everything from fluid filters to high performance cold air intakes. Here’s a list of the products:

  • high performance air filters
  • high performance cold air intakes
  • fluid filters
  • exhaust systems
  • intake manifolds
  • intercoolers
  • turbochargers
  • programmers
  • differential covers
  • transmissions pans & throttle body spacers

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