Simple Ways to Save Money on Gas

One of the most talked about and debated issues each and every year is the rising price of gas. While gas prices have dropped in the last couple years from their all-time high, they are still very high on average. In the 1990s and previous it was rare to see gas prices above $1.50 a gallon and most vehicles could get almost fully filled for around $20. Times have changed and it is not that uncommon for a larger passenger vehicle such as a Small Utility Vehicle (SUV) or a larger pickup truck to cost close to $100 to fill up. Every penny counts and here are just some tips that can help you save valuable money on the price of gas.

Fill up time: It is wise to fill up either early morning or later at night when it is cooler. Gas tends to expand when hot and this can cause in less gas available for your tank.

Parking: If possible try to park under shade in hot conditions. Gas tends to evaporate when a car is in the sun, thus taking gas from your tank. Parking under a tree or in a garage if possible is advised in very hot areas.

Windows: Rolling down your windows instead of using your air conditioner is advised when traveling at lower speeds or when not traveling on the expressway. With this being said, it may be better to use your air conditioner on long express way trips as the windows being opened will cause more drag on your car. More drag on your car equates to more gas needed to fuel your car.

Avoid heavy traffic: If possible it is best to avoid stop and go traffic as this tends to deplete your fuel quicker. Also, it is best to take an alternative route to a destination if it involves less traffic and waiting at stop lights, regardless if it may be slightly farther of a drive.

Car pool: If you work somewhere that is farther than a 30 minute drive it is often a good idea to car pool if possible with any other of your co-workers that live nearby. Car pooling will not only save you tons of money on gas, but it can make for a more leisurely drive if you take turns driving to and from work.

Do gas price research: With gas prices becoming such a hot topic among Americans, there are several websites that advertise the lowest gas prices. Use these websites as a guide to finding the lowest gas prices around and also to know which days are the best to purchase gas. Also, if possible, sign up for e-mail alerts from one of these websites when a gas station may offer a super low price.

Buy gift cards: One great feature that many grocery stores are now doing is by offering gas discounts for any money spent in their store. While it is wise to use these discounts when shopping it is also a good idea to purchase gift cards from these stores, as these discounts can add up quickly. Most large grocery stores carry large amounts of gift cards that can be used at various retail stores. If you buy these cards first and then buy your item at the retail store, you can get what you were going to purchase anyway and get discounted gas out of the deal.

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