Six Smart Tips for Getting the Most From Your Used Car Sale

The successful sale of a used car requires careful thought, analysis, good planning, impactful advertising, and, of course, a bit of luck. Generally, car owners prefer to sell their used vehicles to private buyers to gain a good amount of money. However, a little extra effort can make a great difference in how long it takes to sell a used car and how much you can gain on the deal.

Here are six smart tips to help you sell your used auto for the best possible price and in a short time span.

  • Clean your used car thoroughly. A cleaned and dust-free used vehicle makes a good first impression on potential buyers, who will naturally judge the car mostly by its appearance. A cleaned vehicle reveals how well you looked after it. Clean all exteriors as well as interiors of your car before you display it for sale. Remove all trash and vacuum the seats and carpet. Fix small nicks and scratches with touch-up paint before washing and waxing. Don’t forget upholstery. If it’s torn or worn substantially then invest a couple bucks in replacing it. New affordable tires might help sell your car at a higher price and more quickly than usual.
  • Quote the right price. The availability of internet has made it easy to find out appropriate value of a used imported cars for sale. Surf the web when you plan to sell your import car and find the appropriate value of your vehicle. Go through the sites that buyers are most likely to browse. This will help you quote the right price of your used vehicle.
  • Advertise online and post lots of images. You can advertise the sale of your used imported car on various popular car dealership websites. Post advertisements on popular social networking websites, such as Facebook, Google+, and others so that greater number of people can become aware of the sale. Include images of your car to help make your vehicle stand out from the rest. Ensure you take photos from several angles, with an attractive background, and on a clear day with good lighting.
  • Develop fascinating and creative advertisements. Remember you are marketing so you need to grab the buyer’s attention with initial lines of your advertisement. Emphasize unique aspects that will prompt the potential buyers to purchase your vehicle. Include your car’s make, model, and mileage details. Save all mundane aspects found on most cars such as air conditioning, power windows, and automatic transmission for the end of the advertisement.
  • Reveal your maintenance work. File all repair bills in chronological order including the receipts of routine maintenance. Include a line in your advertisement that says you have all maintenance and repair records and you can show them to the potential buyers as proof that the car has been well cared for
  • Be available. Answer all phone calls and emails as fast as you can since potential buyers might try to contact you just once before moving on to the next advertisement. Once a potential buyer expresses interest in purchasing your used cars for sale, be willing to accompany them on a test drive. If the buyers wish to inspect your car with help of an independent mechanic, allow the buyer to inspect it. It’s a reasonable request provided the buyer is willing to pay the cost of inspection.

If you follow these six tips, you can sell your used car at a better rate and in a shorter time span.

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