Skoda Rapid – Czechmate to the Competition

Czech car maker Skoda played an extremely good move by establishing themselves as a premium car maker when they came into the country. As a result, when they began to launch smaller cars like the Skoda Rapid later on, people began migrating away from standard car firms in droves and simply put, none of them were disappointed. The performance, dynamics and build quality were a massive improvement above what was available in the car market up until then. And since Skoda was already established as a premium brand, a lot of people also bought the Rapid as it gave them a more affordable access to a better badge.

The new Rapid is powered either by a 1.6 litre, 4 cylinder, petrol engine or a 1.6 litre, 4 cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine. The petrol engine delivers 105 bhp and has sufficient torque to enable a start in second gear without stalling the car. The 1.6 litre diesel engine is a gem of a motor – it generates exactly the same amount of power as its petrol counterpart and even more torque. One feels absolutely no lack of power whether they’re on city roads or highways. The engine does get a bit on the loud side at high revs but apart from that, it’s a smooth, refined and extremely strong motor.

On the inside, the layout is typical Skoda. Every surface and piece of switchgear is made of excellent quality materials and it’s purely form following function inside this car. Every single Skoda Rapid review will point out the fantastic quality Skoda builds into their cars and it is absolutely true. The Rapid comes with a 2 DIN audio system that’s very good indeed for a stock player and the top end variant gets climate control as well. The instrument binnacle also houses the multi function display which presents a plethora of information to the driver but this feature also is available on the top end Elegance version only. Another upmarket feature one gets are air-conditioning vents for the rear seats on all variants of the Rapid.

This sedan gets loads of features which add to the driving experience. There are arm rests for all passengers, cupholders to make sure that don’t have to leave your home in a rush without your morning coffee, reading lamps for all occupants, ABS; and, on the top end variant, airbags for both front passengers. The Rapid, with its many plus points and having a lot going for it, can resolutely challenge cars that sit in a higher price segment; and since the Skoda Rapid’s price bracket hovers around the Rs. 10 lakhs range, the company is enabling people to own a properly brilliant car without demolishing their bank accounts. Barring a couple of trivial foibles, the Rapid is truly a delight to possess.

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