Solving Problems With Your Parking Space

Have you ever come home from work and either your gate is block, or there is someone else in your parking space? If you have then you will know that it is extremely frustrating.

It seems like a minimal problem, but when you have worked hard all day and you just want to park and relax at home, then its a massive issue, especially if you have to park miles away and then walk home.

Parking further away from home has connotations if you live in a high crime area because your car is more likely to get stolen; the further away its parked. It is less likely to get stolen or broken into if it is sitting on your path, or outside your house.

Therefore, problems with parking can become a lot more serious and you should read on for tips about how to deal with the problem.


If you live in an area that is popular with tourists, you might find that they are parking in the suburban areas because they don’t want to pay for public parking.

If there are no signs up to show that the area is for residents only, then they won’t know that they are causing trouble by parking in residential areas. Therefore, you should ask your local council if you have a resident parking only sign on your street. If a tourist sees the sign, they will not park there.

However, the sign has to have a call to action on it. If the sign just says no parking, then tourists are likely to park there anyway. But, if the sign says that they are clamped, or find, and then they will not park there.

Your council should have no problem having restricted parking in your area because it will drive tourists back to the public parking lots and the council will make more money. It is a situation that will benefit everyone.


If you have a problem with the neighbours parking in your space, or across your gate, then you can talk to them and ask them not to. You have to make sure that you are friendly here because you don’t want friction between you and the neighbours. You do have to live with them and if they have a problem with you, then being at home can become very stressful.

They might not even know that they are causing you a problem and it might just be that they are only parking there because someone else is in their space. Then you could join and stop the person parking in their space.

Parking Barrier

If nothing that you have done so far, has worked, then you have no option but to install a parking barrier in your space. This will definitely stop people from parking where you usually park.

If you rent the property, then you have to make sure that you have permission off your landlord, before you install the barrier. If the space is part of your rental agreement, then the landlord will definitely sign a permission document.

If you own the property and the land where the space is, then you don’t need permission off anyone. But, if the council owns the space, then you will have to ask for permission even though you are a house owner. This is especially true if you are parking on a public road. However, once you have the barrier, all parking issues will stop and you won’t experience stress anymore.

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