The Sooner The Better

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut. Sometimes it seems as though we need a change. Whether it’s big or small, expensive or affordable, change is one of those things that is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. Relax! The opportunities are endless. Here in the Sooner State, where the “wind comes sweeping through the plain,” we may not always see the solutions that seemingly blows right past us every day.  The truth is, your chance to reinvent yourself does not have to hit you right in the face. More often than not, life changes happen in smaller, subtle ways that all of the sudden, pile up to be a big difference. Take your time. It’s your life; change it at your own pace.


Fresh Wheels

For business, personal or pleasure, we can often come up with many reasons to get a new car. Families expand, companies diversify and there is always a new toy to haul around. But for most of us, we cannot afford a new car every time we need one. In Oklahoma, auto loans are the smarter way to purchase a vehicle, whether new or used. Interest rates are low, approval is fast and easy, and the financial professionals are on-hand to work with you every step of the way. Payments can be shrunken down into small, manageable amounts that you dictate. Take a look at your needs and evaluate – with falling fuel economy and rising maintenance costs, in many cases, you can’t afford to not get a new car.

New Distractions

This is the Sooner State, we’ve been hyperactive since day one. Everyone has a hobby. And for every activity or project we take up, there are about 20 more that you’ll hear someone say “I’ve always wanted to get into that.” What’s stopping you? Is it time? Money? Chances are, the time and money are there, they’re just being allocated differently. If a hobby is truly important to you, that priority will manifest itself in how you allow for it in your budget. And in many cases, hobbies are relatively inexpensive. From brewing beer at home to cultivating a vegetable garden to making your own t-shirts, there are cheap, affordable options that simply require a bit of your personal time.

New Line of Work

To the East and West-Coasters, every single person in Oklahoma either works on a farm or sells tractors. Luckily, our great state actually has a number of exciting, new career opportunities outside of the acres – from finance to education to science and technology. And if you do want to get into farming, go for it! It is commonly seen as the way of America’s future so you might as well be ahead of the curve. If big shifts in careers scare you, then make a gradual move. Switch to the client side of your business, and then apply for a slightly different position. Before you know it, you’ll be in an entirely different field and will have learned and grown along the way. It’s what farmers do best, right?

Make an Investment

Our state was born on investment. Thousands of people saw value in something previously worthless, and seizing the opportunity. Well guess what? Those acres of diamonds are in our backyard every day. If you’re thinking about investing in a local food truck, seek out one of those robust Oklahoma auto loans. Considering purchasing a property for rental? Survey the market. Taking a chance on a new internet company or developing your own software? Investments are the name of the game. But so is perseverance and education. Both will come in handy if – and when – your first investment doesn’t pan out so well.

Dean Saliba

Dean Saliba is a freelance writer, professional blogger, media enthusiast, dirty football player, and huge professional wrestling fan, who covers a wide range of subjects and niches including: making money online, traffic generating, pro wrestling, blog reviews, football, how-to guides, music, internet marketing and more.