Sports Cars – A Couple of Interesting Concepts to Mull Over

There is no denying the adrenaline rush and thrill when you are in a sports car and zooming along without a care in the world. But performance as demanded by sports cars enthusiasts comes with its own price, in the form of higher fuel consumption as well as the cost they have to pay for these vehicles.

However, a couple of recent developments have raised hopes of such sports cars being available at a more competitive price with fantastic fuel economy as well. Australian sports car aficionados have something to look forward to in sports cars that are powered by the TSI engines. These engines are low emission, high fuel efficiency technological marvels and just what people have wanted to experience ever since they found that their expectations from diesel engines could not be fulfilled.

Indeed, what more can you ask from a deadly combination in sports cars? Great performance, power without compromising on fuel efficiency! You can control your operating costs and also make a personal contribution to the environment going for these sports cars powered by TSI engines.

The idea behind these TSI motors is really a simple one, based on the fact that you can derive a powerful performance even from smaller engines if you can keep the weight burden manageable for them. Engineers have come up with an engine design that has boosted its performance due to a smaller weight burden, as well as by reducing friction. Higher friction invariably sucked power and by pioneering a design that enables optimisation of torque through a turbocharger as well as a supercharger, any loss of power could be avoided. The result was an astounding improvement in efficiency with the small engines being able to deliver high torque even at speeds ranging between 1500 – 1700 rpm. Drivers were thus able to enjoy this surge in power at various speeds without having to spend a lot of extra fuel.

If the TSI development was an excellent innovation, the electric sports car that has been introduced in the Australian market featuring a body and chassis that is all-Australian represents a significant milestone in the journey towards making sports cars that can be high on performance without being fuel guzzlers and being harsh on the environment.

These all-electric sports cars can get to 100kph in less than 4 seconds. They feature sophisticated software controlled processors that take care of all the navigation and in-car entertainment systems. The best part about these electric sports cars is the body design which conceals the high performance motor, the lithium batteries and the drive train, giving the car a sleek and mean look.

The above two innovations have certainly provided a lot of hope and encouragement to Australian sports cars enthusiasts.

Dean Saliba

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