Spring Car Care Tips

Ahh spring, a wonderful reminder that those days spent scraping ice of the windscreen, having to wear gloves to touch the steering wheel and worrying over dangerous driving conditions will soon be gone. As the colder weather slowly starts to disappear so do the bad moods of many, including drivers who are no doubt looking forward to the sweet relief of having a little less to worry about.

Whether driving long distance or just making the short journey to work; there are a million and one things to consider to ensure your car is in the safest condition possible and as a result, any risks you are facing are greatly minimised. In the winter, with severe weather these risks and issues are heightened which is why the warmer weather is often a great release however this doesn’t exactly mean that drivers are now care free.

OK so the warmer spring weather poses fewer threats but as all good drivers know, driving awareness does not go straight out of the window and in-car care is still just as crucial. Whether it will be your first time behind a wheel this spring or you are a long running driver looking forward to the brighter days and better road conditions below are a few tips you should never lose sight of…

Battery – It is safe to say that the winter weather can put an incredible amount of stress onto your battery which can in the long run, affect performance. Although the spring season will easily be far gentler on your vehicle, the early morning cold starts may have already compromised the state of your vehicle, so it might be a good idea to get your battery tested before you plan any road trips.

Tyres – Ice, wind, rain and even snow can cause extremely difficult driving conditions which in effect can mean your tyres will have suffered one hell of a beating! When the colder weather calms down it will be a good idea to give your tyres a close inspection. Although you should be keeping an eye on tyres regularly, have a good look and see if you come across any wear and tear and monitor tyre pressure and tread depth. Considering getting your tyres rotated or replaced if necessary.

Wipers – Weather it was a snowstorm or excessive rainfall; if there is one thing that is certain it’s that in the winter your wipers are forced to work extra hard. It is all too easy to miss any cracks or damage that may have occurred on your wipers so give these a thorough check through and have them replaced if necessary. You may not think it now but when those all too typical summer rainstorms hit, then you’ll be sure to realise just how important they are.

The above are just a few points to consider but whatever the car and whatever the condition, it is important that all drivers do as much as they possibly can to you ensure their vehicles are in the best condition possible for the safest drive possible.

Whatever the season, your car will always need some good old-fashioned TLC.

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