Steps You Should Take If Your Car Is Vandalised

If your vehicle is ever vandalised by criminals, you may feel a bit frightened and insecure, especially if there was a lot of damage done to your vehicle. If you had been in a fight with someone recently and you have reason to believe that he or she may have done the damage to your car on purpose; this can make the situation even more unnerving. However, sometimes vehicles are vandalised for no apparent reason and these situations are equally hard to deal with because they are stressful and time-consuming, especially when dealing with car insurance companies.

Continue reading in order to learn what steps you need to take if your vehicle is ever vandalised, whether the windscreen was smashed or the tyres were slashed. Rest assured that you will know how to handle the situation in a calm, professional manner and get the assistance that you need from your insurer.

Contact the Police First


Before doing anything with your vehicle, you need to contact your local police department so that they can file a report and document the damage. This will help you when you file your claim with your car insurance provider as well. Let the police know the time that you found the damage, the place where you noticed the damage and the condition of the car before the damage was noted.

If there are any witnesses available, be sure to utilise them. Perhaps they saw suspicious people walking near your vehicle, or perhaps they even saw the whole incident take place. Witnesses can provide objective, valuable information that can help your case.

Take Stock of Any Stolen Goods


If you kept a lot of items in your vehicle and some or all of them were stolen at the time the car was vandalised, make sure you tell the police so that the information can be filed into the report. Provided that you have the right type of coverage with your auto insurance, you may be compensated for the loss of these items as well.

Protect Your Vehicle from Further Damage


After your car has been properly assessed by the police and they have been able to document all of the damage that your vehicle incurred from the vandals, you need to take the right precautions to ensure that no other damage will result which will not be covered by your insurance company. So, for example, if your windows were smashed, cover them up by cutting open a large plastic trash bag and taping it across the windows, or get clear plastic that you can use instead. This will ensure that, if inclement weather strikes and you do not have a garage, your car’s interior will not be damaged. Remember, your insurance provider will only cover damages that resulted from the vandalism but will not cover those that resulted from your negligence afterwards.

Walking outside to find that your car has been vandalised is a very stressed and scary situation. Contact the police right away in order to have a detailed report written up that you can then use to file a claim with your insurance provider.

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