Stop It! Maintaining the Brakes on Your Bike

We all know that a motorcycle is capable of high rates of speed.  After all, that’s what makes the ride so exhilarating!  But accidents happen, and ensuring that you are capable of stopping on a dime when you need to is very important for your safety.  So, how do you make sure your brakes are prepared?  You make doubly sure your motorcycle brakes are in top working condition and are replaced when necessary.  Any lapse in maintaining or replacing your brakes could result in serious consequences, including major injury.  The following is a short guide outlining the importance of maintaining your brakes, and the best ways to make sure your brakes are in top working condition.

One main thing you can to do to help aid the performance of your brakes is to change the brake fluid at least every one or two years.  As this fluid does take in moisture over time, it can become less and less effective as time goes on.  Therefore, changing it is a very important key in your motorcycle brakes’ maintenance routine.

Today’s brakes have unbelievable stopping power, more than you will actually probably ever need.  To get this power, motorcycles have two different reservoirs for brake fluid.  The first is for the front brakes; the second is for the rear brakes.  Make sure you check them both regularly to obtain and maintain top performance.  But be sure to only top off your fluid with a brand new bottle.  Since moisture can get into the fluid, it may be ineffective if you use an already opened container.

Be extra careful not to spill any of the brake fluid on your paint job, as it will eat away at the paint in no time!

Checking the thickness of your brake pads is another way to make sure your brakes are in top form.  Thin brake pads mean it’s time for a replacement. If they are not replaced, the thinning brake pads can reach metal, and your discs will be damaged, causing a pricey and avoidable repair. Read your service manual to see how often you should check your brake pads, and make it a ritual for yourself.

Ensuring your motorcycle brakes work properly is a fairly easy process.  If you keep on top of the status of your brakes, then unwanted and expensive repairs and replacement can be avoided.  But the most important part about properly maintaining your motorcycle brakes is safety.  Being able to stop when you need to, no matter your speed, can save lives.   Be a responsible motorcycle owner and keep your brakes in top working condition.  Everyone on the road, along with your wallet, will thank you.

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