Summer Car Care Tips

Summer is upon us and just like in winter there are a few things you can do to your car to make sure it is ready for the summer months. It’s not just the winter months which put our car under strain as the summer months can offer some equally as challenging situations for our vehicles.

Engine Coolant

In the summer it gets hot, this means our engines which are already hot get hotter and will subsequently require more coolant to stay cool. You should make an effort to check your coolant levels are between the minimum and maximum marks on a weekly basis, and make sure that you check it while the engine is cold. If you need to top it up take care as the loosening of the engine coolant cap will release a lot of pressure.

Cooling Fan

Your engine cooling fan is switched on automatically when an engine begins to overheat. You may have noticed this even comes on in the winter, or when you stop the car if you have been driving it hard. If your cooling fan is not working then this can cause the engine coolant to begin to boil which in turn may damage your engine. Be sure to get it checked before the summer begins in anger.

If you want to test the fan yourself then turn your AC to cold, run the car normally at normal temperatures. When you arrive home leave the engine running; you will notice after 5 minutes or so that the fan kicks in to begin cooling the engine. It’s quite noisy and sounds like a louder computer fan so you won’t miss it.

Air Con

If you want to stay cool then make sure that your air con is working and sufficiently gassed. The air con does provide other benefits such as reducing the pollen count in your car, however be aware that having it on all the time will increase your fuel consumption.

Tyres & Battery

The summer may help to aggravate damage caused to your tyres and battery during the winter months. Get your battery checked and make sure your tyres have the right pressures and tread depth on them to get the best drive and economy out of them.


Make sure you keep some sun glasses in the car to avoid glare from the sun, and if you are going on longer journeys be sure to take some water to avoid dehydration.

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