Summertime Car Care

When the months heat up and the sun shines in the sky, more people will be itching to get out on the road. Activities such as beach trips, vacations, late nights out into the city, or mini road trips are all well anticipated for the summer months. All this fun and mischief means that you will be using your car more and more. The extra driving can put a lot of strain on your vehicle, especially in the excessive heat. Although you should maintain your vehicle throughout all seasons, the summer season brings out more drivers on the road, hotter weather conditions, and potential fatalities if care, caution, and safety is not taken. Before you land your vehicle in a service center, be weary of all the necessary steps you can take to stay safe in your car during the summer heat.

Check Your Coolant

The summer time brings about car breakdowns along highway sidelines. The number one cause of a breakdown during the hot months is overheating. In order to avoid this nasty pitfall, you should be prepared. Always check the coolant levels in your vehicle, and make sure they’re at an optimum fill. It’s important to locate where your coolant goes, and be aware of what specific type your vehicle takes. Be sure to have your radiator hose checked to make sure that it’s not clogged or leaking so that no overheating can start. This is best done by a professional, so taking it to a trusty Chevy service center will guarantee everything on your car is working efficiently.

Preemptive Maintenance

Preemptive maintenance is key in keeping your car cool and ready for a summer trip. Always have the oil changed, fluids topped, the air filter changed, and hoses and spark plugs checked. Be sure that your tires and breaks are also inspected so ensure that they’re in top notch condition. In order to travel safely on all of your adventures your vehicle must be running properly. The heat can do a number on your engine, so if you plan on running it extra hard this season it’s best to take it to an expert for the proper preparation.

Inspect Your AC

Be sure to have your AC system checked as well! Although it’s working now, running it constantly could cause some damage to the system and cause it to malfunction at some point during the summer. Although coolant issues usually cover this, it’s best to look deeper into your AC, especially if you drive an older vehicle. Driving without AC in the summer can become a lethal trip when temperatures rise.

What If I Break Down?

In case a breakdown in the summer heat still occurs, the next best method of being prepared is to have necessary emergency supplies in your car. At all times, you should carry: water, a cell phone and charger, first aid kit, change of cool clothing, nonperishable foods/snacks, and a manual/battery powered fan. Beating the heat in case of a breakdown is key. While your car can eventually be fixed, you want to be sure that you and your family will be safe in the high temperatures.

It’s important to remember that while we’re taking care of ourselves during the summer, we should also take care of our vehicles. Ensuring that your vehicle is safe during the hot summer months will reduce the risk of breakdowns, and keep you, your family, and your car safe on your summer road trip.

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