Ten Fascinating Facts About Cars

We see cars every day. They go up and down the streets of your neighborhood. They are shown in commercials on television and the internet. You may even have one of your own that gets you around regularly. Autos are an integral part of our lives in many ways.

But there is a lot more to these machines than we may be aware of. Automobiles are fascinating devices, and there are a lot of intriguing facts about them that may surprise you. Check out these ten fascinating facts about autos that you probably didn’t know.

1. A lot goes into the making of an auto – a lot of parts, that is. On average, most automobiles are made of 30,000 parts. Just imagine having to break down your set of wheels and note every one of those components!

2. Ralph Teetor, born in 1890, is the man responsible for inventing cruise control – despite being legally blind.

3. Be grateful that you get to enjoy your radio behind the wheel. When the automobile radio was first distributed, some states attempted to ban it. They believed that radios would make it impossible for drivers to focus on driving and result in accidents.

4. While some people may argue otherwise, being behind the wheel is not as dangerous as some would think. The odds of dying are estimated at one in five thousand. Even so, always wear your seat belt!

5. One billion autos are currently in use across the globe. That’s roughly one for every six people!

6. Ever wonder where stock racing got its start? It all began with the moonshine runners of Prohibition-era America. These specially modified rides were for the express purpose of escaping from the police while carrying their liquid contraband.

7. For those of you who may have ever wondered how long it would take to drive to the moon, here is your answer. You may not be thrilled with it, though. If you were to hop into your sedan, find a road from Earth to the moon and hit it at a steady sixty miles per hour, you would get there in about six months. Mind you, that’s if traffic isn’t heavy at the time.

8. You may have carpooled and thought that there was no space in the vehicle. Compare that to what a group of female students from Pakistan pulled off: they managed to fit nineteen girls into a small vehicle!

9. Your ride just needs a drink to get started. The average auto only needs fifteen milliliters of gasoline to start up, which would only fill a shot glass halfway.

10. Cars are the most recycled product consumer product on Earth. While they are often used to manufacture more motor vehicles, parts of them can also go into making other things such as batteries for flashlights.

Next time your friend needs a lift, try testing their knowledge of cars with these amazing facts!

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