The Best Way To Jump Start A Car

If you’ve never had to jump start a car, it can be a very good thing to learn. If you have ever experienced getting into your car, turning the key and nothing happens, then you probably know how frustrating it can be. Your car doesn’t have enough current to activate your high amperage motor. You have to find someone else to give you the currency you need to get to a location to change out your battery. Here are the steps you need to take to get your car jump started.

You should first call someone that can come and help you. If it’s in the winter you should always keep blankets with you to make sure you aren’t left in the cold. Many times batteries die because of the extreme weather people live in. If this winter is freezing and colder than normal winters you may need to end up changing your battery at some point.

Once someone comes to help you they should park their car close enough to yours so the cables can reach both of your batteries. You should open both hoods and keep them open with prop rods. The car that is giving the jump should be shut off. You should then clamp the jumper cables onto the car that is providing the jump first. Connect the red (positive) clamp to the red post of that battery first. Make sure the charges on the other end are not touching before placing the black (negative) clamp on the black post. Then you can connect the other end of the cables to the car battery that is dead. Connect the red first and then the black, making sure they never touch.

After you have successfully connected the cables to each car you should then turn on the car that is giving the jump for five to ten minutes to allow the dead battery to receive some charge. Then you should shut it off. You can then turn on the car that has the dead battery; if it doesn’t start you may need to allow it to stay plugged into the cables longer. If you need to do this, only keep the car that is doing the jumping on for the time needed. Once you get a good enough charge you should first disconnect the black (negative) charge of the car that is providing the jump and then the red. Then you should repeat this process on the car that received the jump. You should then keep the car that received the jump running to ensure you can get somewhere to fix it and close both hoods. You can then get back on the road and get your battery diagnosed. You will usually have to replace all parts that are out of current, but there is usually a warranty given with it. The average warranty for a brand new battery is 7 years, if it dies before that you can go to the place you bought it and get it replaced. Many mechanics will test your device before they fully diagnose and replace it to ensure they need to replace it. You’ll be able to get back on the road quickly after you know how to jump start your car.

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