The BMW i3 Concept Car is Built for Eco-Friendly Urban Living

BMW’s latest addition to its range of cars is the BMW i3 Concept Car that will be available for approximately $56,000. This car is truly unique because almost every part of it is made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials. This car is electrically powered and emits only one third of the carbon dioxide of gas powered vehicles. BMW has set a new benchmark by introducing by an ideal car meeting the requirements of the urban household for transportation and promising a better and pollution free tomorrow.

Smaller carbon footprints

Cars have primarily been used as a means for socialization and transportation to work. Thus, the renowned car manufacturing company BMW has given a sincere effort to minimize the carbon emission from vehicles running in the cities by introducing an eco friendly vehicle. This car runs on electric power and operates on the basis of the eDrive mechanism. The drivers will be able to pick up the speed from 0 to 60 miles an hour within four to five seconds with the help of the powerful new battery technology. These cars are also equipped with i Pedelec i.e. the electrical bicycles that will assist the car to move more easily within the city as well as in the small hilly regions and minimize the usage of energy as well.

The eco friendly interior

What makes the car even more unique is the fact that its interior are also made of sustainable resources like woods of the eucalyptus tree. All leather used for the interiors are tanned using natural elements like extracts from olive leaves which gives interior an exquisite look. The panels covering the doors and other parts of the interior are also made up of naturally obtainable fibers. The interiors of the car are extremely spacious and have been stylized in such a way that the riders will have the feeling of sitting in their living room.

Apart from these features the car also comes with a number of additional modern features like uninterrupted connectivity with the outside world while driving it, automatic service alerts for nearby charging station, easy charging of the vehicle through smartphone applications. Thus the BMW i3 Concept car is the ideal choice if you are looking a smart, eco friendly and high tech car.

Therefore, this is how BMW i3 concept car built is trying hard for eco-friendly urban living and auto technology.

Dean Saliba

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