The Club, “Volvo Saved My Life”

Many hundreds of thousands of people just in America are killed in car crashes every year. Furthermore, there are some estimates that show over 40,000 people die every year as a result of injuries received in those crashes. Although there has been vast improvements in engineering and design, which have brought many safety features to today’s cars, no automaker as of yet, can claim to have a vehicle that is 100 % safe; unfortunately, that is still a pipe dream.

However, you still cannot deny the fact that there are some cars that have played a significant role in saving the driver and or the passengers’ lives. As for the survivors, they deem themselves very lucky. This is what the Volvo Saved My Life Club is about, because it consists of owners who honestly consider themselves lucky to have been in their Volvo at the time of the accident, which in another car would have meant an untimely death. Below are two people who are members of the Volvo Saved My Life Club:

1 – The Bowles Family in Broken Arrow, OK – During a family outing in their 2000 Volvo Cross Country to the local rec center, the Bowles family, while driving in the left lane and only a short way from the rec center, were rear ended. Joey and Gentry Bowels, in the front seats were caught by the seat belts, while in the back seat; the couple’s two infant sons were saved by the correctly restrained child seats, all of which prevented injury to all passengers. However, the rear end collision was not all they had to worry about because the car was pushed into oncoming traffic in the intersection.

Fortunately, Joey Bowels achieved control over the Cross Country preventing another accident. The luck the Bowles family had that day had to do also with their car keeping them safe enough to walk away from the accident without a scratch. The emergency responders told them that their vehicle, at that time, was the safest on the market. Although the sustained damage to the car totaled it, the loss that could have happened to the family could have been much greater.

2 – Connie Scanlon in Grayslake, IL – “You cannot beat a Volvo in an accident.” Those were the words Connie Scanlon heard in the ambulance, while on the way to the hospital to receive treatments for injuries after she was involved in a multi-car accident in which all the windows were blown out and her Volvo totaled. Thanks to her Volvo Station Wagon, she only received minor injuries, but came away with a firsthand lesson about how much worse it could have been has she not been driving a Volvo.

The stories above are only two of the many Volvo Saved My Life Club member stories.

The biggest value of a Volvo is their well-known safety. Doubtlessly, the whole automotive industry is looking for ways to make fatal auto accidents a thing of the past, but until that day comes, drivers of Volvo’s can be assured of being as safe as possible. If you would like more information about how a Volvo can help you and your loved ones stay safe, come visit O’Steen Volvo today.

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