The Economy and Your Car

Used cars for sale by owner continue to be a growing and profitable trend. As the economy continues to get worse and people are uncertain about their job security, more are keeping their used cars and paying them off instead of buying a new car. Everyone seems to be cutting back on all spending, trying to prepare for harder times, which makes great sense, because we are living in uncertain times. It seems things we used to think of as being secure are now at great risk. In my opinion it is a good thing in a way, we are learning to live within our means again, instead of maxing out our credit all the time.

If only our government would learn this as well, we would once again have a strong nation. For many years the American people have been living way above what they could really afford, due to all the credit available. Even our country has done the same. As I am writing this the USA is facing a possible down grade in its credit rating because there is not enough money to pay the bills. This is not the way God planned for us to live, but somewhere we lost track of doing things the correct way and decided that buying everything on credit was the way to live.

Many people are losing everything they have worked for because it is all in credit and they no longer make enough money to pay for it. Due to this, it is a great time to sell your used cars. The price of used cars has been rising because those who are buying cars, are buying used because it is cheaper and allows them more money to pay other bills with. Since the value of used cars is up and everyone is trying to make more money, there are more used cars for sale by owner than before.

So if you have a used car this may be the time to get rid of it and make a little extra money. If this is you then consider used cars for sale by owner ads in your local paper and on the internet to get the most buyers looking at your car. If your car happens to be one that gets 30 mpg or better, the price of it is even more due to the price of gas being so high. Even though gas has started to go back down, no one expects it to drop below three dollars a gallon again, so that will keep the economical cars selling at a premium price. If you have a car that gets less miles per gallon, you may be better off to keep it, if it is dependable. If you consider the amount of money it takes to buy a more economical car, compared to how much gas you can buy with that same amount of money, you will probably find it is cheaper to keep driving that car that only gets 15-20 mpg.

You figure the present gas prices at about $3.65 a gallon, if you were to spend $5,000 on another car; that same money would pay for the gas in a 20 mpg car for 30,000 miles. So do you spend the money for another car, and have to pay for the gas too, or keep what you have and spend a little more each time you fill up?

Dean Saliba

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