The Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is an automobile that is manufactured by the Ford Motor Company, which is based in the US. It was first produced in 1964. Its main target group were the people aged between sixteen to twenty nine and most people referred to it as 1964 ½. During the year of release a lot of them were sold and their demand grew as time went by. This is because they were affordable to many and their designs were appealing. It was among the first pony cars and it is the only one that has been successfully produced without any interruptions.

The Ford Mustang is still very popular today because of its classy and amazing designs. Over the years, the company has managed to release different styles. Some of the styles are the two-door convertibles, two-door hatchbacks and the fastback coups. Millions of Ford Mustangs have been sold all over the world, and this is another indicator of the demand and appreciation for the cars.

Classic mustangs refer to the first generation mustangs that were manufactured and released between the period of 1964 and 1973. They are arguably the best mustangs that have ever been produced. A person can either decide to purchase one or restore it to a functioning state.

They can be bought from car dealers as well as individual sellers. However, there are certain major considerations that should be made before a buyer decides to buy a vintage mustang. A customer should find out if the car is original or has been modified. Original cars are basically more expensive due to the fact that they have all the real components and nothing has been changed. This gives the owner the ultimate experience of driving the real car. Some modifications also diminish the value of the car.

The vehicle should be thoroughly inspected for rust. Rust can be a big problem and can result to more damages. Repairing or fixing damages that have been caused by rust is expensive and can even be higher than the price of the car. These are just some of the things that should be thoroughly scrutinized.

The Ford Mustang has also received several awards. The model that was released in 1965 won the Tiffany Gold medal for its outstanding American design. It has also won the “Motor trend car of the year” award and has been on the “car and driver ten best” list for more than three years.

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