The Most Popular Vehicles in the School Bus Segment in India

School buses are unarguably the safest means of transportation for children. The Road and Transport Authority has devised certain laws, which need to be followed stringently by the educational institution as well as the auto manufacturer. These regulations ensure the security, convenience, and safety of the students and the guardians. Listed below are some of the popular vehicles in this segment, which possess features that are geared towards providing an enhanced travel experience to children:

Ashok Leyland – Lynx

Exuding an international look, the school buses from the house of Ashok Leyland, offer a comprehensive range of features aimed at safety and comfort of the school children. While the ultra-low entry slide-step enables children to easily board the vehicle, the seat-belts ensure that the kids remain secured to their respective seats. Further, the grilled windows allow the students to enjoy the fresh air, and the hand-rests on the seats safeguard them from falling. Other facilities include bottle holders and notice board for announcements. The Lynx range also comes equipped with fire extinguishers and two large exits for combating emergency situations. Outfitted with a 120 PS H Series 4CTI electronically controlled engine, the vehicle is available in three variants, offering a seating capacity for 37, 41, and 49 passengers.

Eicher – Skyline Pro School Bus

In the year 1996, Eicher came up with the concept of ‘The First Safe School Bus’ in India. Developed in association with the Institute of Road Traffic Education, these vehicles provide the highest standards of safety to the passengers. These next-generation school buses render amazing aesthetics, supreme levels of passenger comfort, sublime features, great fuel-efficiency, and easy maintenance. The Skyline Pro range offer various seating capacities, such as, 16, 20, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30, 32, 35, 40, 47, 50, 59, 60, 65, 70, 76, and 83.

Force Motors Ltd. – Traveller 26 School Bus

Outfitted with a 4 Cylinder, 16 Valves, Inline, CRDI, VGT, Diesel Engine, the Traveller 26 School Bus can accommodate 26 children. The 2×2 spacious seating arrangements, individual grab handles, low floor height for easy entry & exit, and bar railings on windows, ensure a convenient and safe riding experience for the occupants. The vehicle also offers additional under-seat rack for storing bags and other articles. The internal rear-view mirror renders an overall view to the driver. Further, the fire extinguishers are also placed in accessible locations.

Equipped with contemporary features, these vehicles aim to offer convenient, secured, and hassle-free commuting services to students. Of course, there are several other auto manufacturers that provide buses for transportation services for educational institutions, but the vehicles discussed are the ones that have garnered reputation in the auto market.

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