The Three Categories To Choose From When Getting A Car Wash

Not every car wash is exactly the same. Professional washes for motor vehicles are broken down into three different categories. These categories include self-serve, touch-less automatic and friction automation. Once you gain a better understanding of each type, then you will know which one is best suited to your needs.

The self-serve car wash is one where all of the equipment you need to get your motor vehicle clean is right before you and available to be used. A patron of the establishment would drive his or her automobile into the bay and would then proceed to use a hose or a power washer as well as a soap wand to get the car looking spiffy and spotless. In this case, you can stand there and wash and scrub your vehicle as if you were standing in your driveway at home. Self-serve washes are most often coin operated. Some of them have attendants on hand to help while others are completely self-service in every way.

The touch-less automatic car wash is one where you drive your vehicle into a bay and from there onto a conveyor belt. Once there your automobile is moved through the process involved in the washing system. The equipment used would move up and down the length of your motor vehicle and would use numerous products to ensure that your car is thoroughly washed and rinsed. High-pressure nozzles make this process possible. Numerous soaps would be put to use, as would be cleaning agents. Finally, special finishes and waxes would be used in order to protect the exterior of the car and to give it a shiny appearance.

The third type of car wash is known as the friction automation wash. These washes are similar in nature to the touch-less automatic ones because they have an automatic way about them that directs the car onto a bay and a conveyor belt. What is different about this vehicle wash however is that there are rotating cylinders made of a soft material that touch the automobile and scrub away outer grime and dirt.

If you live in a large city then you may find all three types of washing facilities in your area. However if you reside in a smaller community, then you may have less options and will have to use whatever is available whether you like it or not.

The choice of which car wash is best suited to you is mainly a question of preference. There is no right or wrong answer in this case but merely what you like the most. Some drivers like the attention to detail that they can provide their cars when they use a self-serve operation. Other people may prefer to take a faster approach and go with the touch-less automatic or the friction automation. The best way to know which you prefer is to give all three of them a try and then decide.

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