The World’s Most Expensive Scooter That Might Be Really Worth The Price Tag

Scooters are definitely more affordable than motorcycles or automobiles Therefore the knowledge that a dealer has sold a scooter that goes for $7000 will have you jumping from your seat. The most expensive scooter ever sold in the world claims this price and with interesting history. The Vespa SS 90 manufactured in 1965 hails as the world’s most expensive scooter to be sold.

What makes it expensive?

The double S stands for Super Sprint, and this model is one of the rare scooters in the Vespa series. This classic scooter belongs to the pop era of the 1960’s having been first released to the market in 1965 and sold until 1975. This Vespa series though slightly popular did not sell well during its time and hence was not produced in large quantities. In the 15 years of its manufacture, only 5,309 pieces were ever produced. Hence, four decades down the line, it is a rare piece, the main factor that gives it its high price.

Vespa SS 90 specifications

Nevertheless, it is not to be shunned as an inferior piece with regard to manufacture as it has a few qualities of its own to boast about. Compared to other designs of its time it had a superior engine and worthy aerodynamics to its name. It has a two-stroke engine, 90cc and a 5.9hp. The engine surprisingly goes at fast speeds with the maximum at 100kph. The notable design of the day had a particular exhaust site designed differently from the rest and the front cover had a signature slim design noticeable from a distance.

It also had a nice front shield that kept the owner clean and dry as they rode making it ideal even on rough roads. It can be named as a gender sensitive scooter as its step-though frame well accommodated women who still liked to wear their dresses as they rode.

Changing the wheels was no hard task for the owner of the Vespa SS 90 given its front fork layout, an extra advantage making it less frustrating to change wheels when in a hurry. The glove box at the front and a mounted spare wheel proved to be further advantages for this scooter and it required no external chain like other models, as it had an internal mesh.

This scooter was a skillfully designed and it had precise detail and noteworthy features.  It is a good buy for those who like collecting items, because it is very valuable. The price tag should not daunt the esteem of owning this classic and rare piece. It is lovely especially if gotten as a gift for the ultimate bike enthusiast.

The Vespa Series

Piaggio & Co.S.p.A of Italy proudly have the Vespa series to their name. At inception of the company in 1946, they dealt with automobiles but the then bad roads in Italy inspired them to move to something more convenient and popular. The Vespa scooter was born and there were numerous sales of the scooter the years following its inception.

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