The Worst Thing You Can Do As a Car Dealer

One of the absolute worst things you can do as a car dealer is to allow a bad review to linger at the top of the search results. Yet this is what will happen if you have no working strategies for dealing with it. It happens so easily too. Perhaps one of your people had a bad day and slighted a customer. That customer will go on line and do whatever it takes to tell people all about it. They will create accounts on review sites and perhaps even post it to the Better Business Bureau.

New changes to Google now highlight your reputation whether it is good or bad. Your customers are taken right to your review score and once the cat is out of the bag, there is no way to put it back in.

How to Turn Your Customers Away For Good

The thing is 85% of buyers will go somewhere else after reading a bad review online. That means that review is costing you money every day. But what do you do about it? Neither Google nor any of the other review sites will remove bad reviews so what can be done?

A Review Strategy for Your Dealership

You must have an ongoing strategy for getting good reviews so that these good reviews are always flowing in. But how do you do this? Most people won’t go to the trouble to give you a good review no matter what you do, though it is worth asking. There is enough of a barrier to placing reviews that it is a challenge. You must create and account and for Google you even need to verify the account with your cell phone. No one wants to go through all of that. What you need is a good reputation marketing and management company to handle this for you.

People trust online reviews more than you may realize and they go online specifically to find them. Customers will feel a sense of trust toward your dealership if they find 6 to 10 good reviews about you, but let them find even one bad one and they are gone, down the street to your competitor.

It is imperative for dealerships to manage this area; it can cost you serious amounts of money.

Find Out Just What Your Dealership Reviews Are

Want to find out what kind of reviews that you have online? Just go to Google and enter the search “Dealership-Name review.” Yes it is that simple to find out and potential customers are doing it everyday.

A good reputation marketing company will help you get a constant stream of good reviews from your customers so that these bad reviews are pushed down and off of the front page. At the same time the scores blend with your bad reviews and raise your overall score.

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