Things You Must Know About Infiniti QX50

Infiniti QX50 is considered the very first coupe crossover in the world. It actually redefines the joy of driving with its very powerful stance as well as coupe-inspired look and performance. This vehicle is powered by a 3.7-litre 326-HP engine which is an upgrade of the V6 engine that has earned accolades.

Different Features Of This Vehicle

Variable Valve Event and Lift – This translate to excellent performance yet enhanced fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Around View Monitor – This system has 4 cameras which are strategically positioned in every side of the vehicles in order to give the driver a 360-degree view. This will also give the driver a rearward view. The cameras will feed images to the in-dash monitor and provide the driver with a warning in case an object is detected.

Infiniti Controller – This is an intuitive interface that will allow the driver along with his passengers to communicate with the QX50. This will give you full control over vehicle navigation, audio, information, climate control and other primary and secondary systems.

Infiniti Hard Drive Navigation System – This feature will make navigation a lot easier as it makes use of the latest touch-screen hard drive navigation system along with Birdview perspective control and 3D building graphics. You must know that this is complemented by the Lane Guidance system which has the ability to alert the driver whenever he is using the right lane toward an exit or interchange.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive – This will distribute power to where it is greatly needed. It will monitor vehicle speed, throttle position, and wheel spin. Also, it can channel as much as 50% power to the front wheels when in adverse driving conditions. Thus, it will enhance traction.

Apart from these features, be aware also the vehicle’s memory system can be based on the needs of the driver. It can actually be preprogrammed for 2 different drivers – these will include different setting for the driver’s seat, outside mirrors, and steering wheel. If the driver adjusts his seat, the steering wheels and mirrors will automatically calibrate their position in order to maintain or compensate proportional distance. The driver can adjust the steering wheel to the right height and feel with the steering wheel’s power tilt and telescoping features.

As for its interiors, you will certainly be left in awe. Also, you will experience a great sense of invigoration and relaxation because of the use of smooth materials. Know that the front seats will draw inspiration from the Japanese Kimono which gives the driver along with the passenger a contoured and tailored fit.

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