Three Car Accessories Worth Considering This Winter

Winter is well underway. So, you might wonder whether it’s worth buying car accessories designed specifically to withstand the elements of the year’s harshest season. However, with the way the seasons are now, winter probably won’t end until mid-March. And the bad weather in the United Kingdom, if the couple of years are anything to go by, will continue beyond that particular point.

There are many ways in which you can make your car easier to drive, more practical and more comfortable. Additions such as winter tyres enable drivers to grip the road in the iciest of conditions. Obviously this particular investment has immediate safety benefits too. As well as performing well in snowy and icy conditions, they work well in low temperatures. So, even if the UK isn’t hit by blizzards, you can still get your money’s worth from a good set fitted to your vehicle – whether you’re driving city cars or hatchbacks.

However, what other accessories should you consider for your car this winter? Which ones will provide you with the best value for money? Which ones will leave you wanting to make the most of your winter car trips? In this guide I’ve been through three of the car accessories available to the owners of city cars, people carriers and so forth, that could help them during the next few months.

Safety Vests

We’re all aware of just how quickly the nights draw in. By the time October comes around each year, mid-evening comes and it’s absolutely pitch black. So, just imagine your car breaking down in the middle of a country lane. There are no street lamps, and you’re left standing at the side of the road waiting for a breakdown van. How are other passing drivers meant to see you?

A high visibility safety jacket mightn’t seem like the most obvious of purchases, but it’s certainly a sensible option. With its reflective strips and fluorescent colour, it’ll reflect the headlights of passing vehicles, allowing motorists to see you, and slow their speed if necessary. They aren’t all that expensive either. So, there’s not really that many great excuses for not having one in your glove box or boot.

Isotherm Module

Remember those hot and cool boxes? You know – the ones you used to take on family trips to the beach to keep the sandwiches cool and drinks refreshingly cold. Well, they’ve come a long way since then. Electronically powered Isotherm Modules are the new option amongst many drivers. Whereas cool boxes used to keep drinks cool for a couple of hours, Isotherm Modules enable them remain at the temperature you want for a significant amount longer. And best of all they don’t up lots of room – great for owners of city cars.

Protective Car Cover

This purchase is only really necessary if you have a second car that you don’t plan to use during the winter months. Made from high quality materials, a protective car cover can ensure your vehicle is protected against all the elements winter could possibly throw at it. And once you’re done with it, you can easily fold it away into a small bag. You can wash the protective car cover too – so there’s no need to worry about it getting too muddy.

Louisa Jenkins is a keen motorist. She also likes to blog in her spare time. Her blogs cover a whole range of topics, from the fuel efficiency of city cars, to the accessories car owners could buy to improve their vehicle.

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