Three Reasons to Rotate Your Tires Every 6,000 Miles

The top three reasons to rotate your tires often are: financial savings, better traction, and increased fuel efficiency. Everyone wants to save money, and replacing them sooner than necessary can cause unexpected financial burden. Rotating tires helps prolong their life. Arriving safely at your destination is the goal of every driver, and better tire traction ensures that tire grip is maximal and tire treads are worn evenly. As fuel prices rise, fuel efficiency is becoming an important factor to be considered in vehicle travel. Rotating tires on a regular basis increases fuel efficiency and will help you fill the tank less often. Even if tires do not show obvious wear, it is recommended that they be rotated every 6,000 miles to equalize tread.

Reason 1 – Financial Savings

When tires are rotated regularly, tire wear is evened out and tread is worn down at the same rate. Tires that are not rotated when they should be will become too worn down on one side, and will be unsafe to rotate. This means they will need to be replaced much sooner than they would have if they had been rotated. If you do not want to replace your tires earlier than necessary, make sure they are rotated near every 6,000 miles.

Reason 2 – Better Traction

Tires that are rotated regularly have better traction, and therefore increase control for the driver. When all four are even, it results in a smoother ride. Quicker acceleration, sudden breaking, and traction on tight corners are all extremely important, and can be improved when tires are evenly worn. Ones that are rotated regularly are more stable, and help maintain proper alignment by reducing friction.

Reason 3 – Fuel Efficiency

Reduced friction results in increased fuel efficiency. Driving on tires that have even treading will reduce horizontal friction with the road, which will increase fuel efficiency.

Rotating tthem every 6,000 miles will increase overall durability and lifespan. Tire rotation done before the winter season will increase traction and will allow tires to grip wet and unpredictable surfaces. Another benefit to rotation is that when tires are allowed to wear out evenly, they can be replaced all at the same time. This is an advantage because having four new tires will allow for better and more predictable handling. It is much better to replace all four tires together than to replace one or two at a time, which may result in instabilities.

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