Three Things Forklift Suppliers Do Not Discuss With Potential Buyers

Industries are expanding nowadays. Along with such expansions is the development of technologies that respond to the growing needs of the expanding industries. One of the problems remains to be on mobility. Hence, the ever-evolving vehicles meant for industry operations such as tow trucks and forklifts. The most popular remains to be the forklift which kept forklift suppliers in business since its inception in the 1920s. Suppliers would often enumerate the various advantages of having a forklift around for business operations. Rarely would a supplier present the disadvantages.

While industries would highly benefit from technological developments meant to make the operations smoother, an industry should always look at the possible disadvantages of purchasing particular equipment. When it comes to forklifts, the following should be considered:

The high cost. Technology that brings convenience usually comes at a high price. Hence, if the industry is a much smaller one and it is running on a very tight budget, it may not be very wise to purchase a forklift. However, if the industry can save time and cut risks with such equipment, some forklift suppliers will negotiate a good deal.

Electronic forklifts can be very cumbersome. If the forklift being eyed is an electric one, the industry must be prepared to face some of the needs that come along with it including: the several hours that needs to be allotted for charging, the special training required for operating it, the slower speed it can run, the fact that its use may only be limited for indoor operations, and so much more. While there are indeed forklift suppliers that are able to overcome these drawbacks, the problem on cost may arise once more.

It is not hazard free. Some studies have shown that workers who are performing tasks within the same space that a forklift operates often met accidents. At some point in time, the forklift was blamed for causing major injuries and deaths in workplaces. Some would argue that the same is still true up to now. In fact, the Occupational and Health Administration (OSHA) has reported that in the United States, an alarming number of 96,000 forklift accidents are experienced annually. Some industries have addressed these situations, however, by providing intensive trainings for forklift operators as well as safety trainings for the workers.

These are the three most common disadvantages that forklift suppliers do not often discuss with potential purchasers. These drawbacks, however, are not incredibly unavoidable or totally without solution. More than discouraging purchase of the equipment, the disadvantages are meant to caution potential purchasers to address these shortcomings by being more informed about the equipment itself and the environment it will be used in.*

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