Thule Roof Bars – 5 Tips To Buying the Right One

Selecting the right roof rack for your vehicle can seem like a daunting task. It is important to select a brand that has a wide variety of products and accessories to suit your specific load and travel requirements. A good choice is a rack system that’s simple to install and versatile. A properly installed system insures that your equipment and vehicle remain safe for any journey. Here are five tips for choosing the right roof rack to accommodate your needs.

1. Styles for Vehicle Type – Roof racks are a popular choice for carrying all types of equipment. You must know which type of rack fits your vehicle to avoid a safety hazard. First, check with your vehicle manufacturer to determine roof load capabilities and your vehicle’s payload limits. If your vehicle is already equipped with factory-installed towers, side rails, crossbars or mounting points, Thule can provide the additional materials to increase load capability. A plain roof requires an entire rack system, but they are easy to install and remove. Roof rack options are completely dependent on your vehicle’s year, make and model.

2. Equipment Type – Choose your roof rack system based on what you plan to carry the most. Thule offers cargo carriers, baskets, roof bags and many other options attach to suit all your travel needs. Determine how much equipment you plan to carry. For instance, are you carrying multiple bikes at once?

3. Travel Distance – If you are an avid traveler who enjoys the great outdoors, fuel efficiency is important to you. Thule Roof Bars come in classic square bars and aero bars. Thule Aero Roof Bars are made of quality aluminum with an aerodynamic design which minimizes noise and provides the best fuel economy. Aero bars can also sustain heavier weight. They are compatible with most of Thule’s newer accessories, and have the capability of attaching many accessories at once in most cases.

4. Height – If you have a tall SUV, getting your equipment on top of your vehicle can be tricky. Roof racks are perfectly safe and efficient for SUV’s. Invest in Thule’s load accessories such as a retractable load assist bar for added safety.

5. Price – Think of your purchase as an investment. A trunk rack may cost less, but does it have the same capacity as a roof rack? Thule roof bars are made with rust and corrosion-resistant materials so you can be assured that your roof rack will last for a long time. They are easy to install and remove, and interchangeable so you can use them on multiple vehicles in your family. Also, even if you only travel once a year, think about all the times you spend Sundays biking on trails with family, or helping a friend move a piece of furniture.

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