It’s Time to End Your Transmission Woes

When you find out that your car’s transmission is in need of repair, it can be a pretty daunting piece of information to receive. While issues relating to this crucial system can certainly vary depending on different circumstances, many result in fairly major repair jobs that simply can’t be avoided. You may have never thought of it this way, but taking the time to get to know what’s wrong with and what needs to be done to your vehicle can actually make the process much less challenging. Additionally, it can help to lessen the blow when it comes time to pay your bill! Being a responsible driver extends beyond just knowing the rules of the road. By staying current with service needs and never ignoring a warning sign, you’ll be doing your best to keep the roads you and your neighbors drive on safe.

Number One for Safety

Without your transmission, there is no way that your car would be functional. Because it is responsible for controlling so many different functions while driving, it’s very important that you don’t continue driving if it becomes damaged. From maintaining driving conditions that are considered optimal for your make and model to quite literally keeping your wheels turning, you can see what a big role this part plays in the overall functionality of your vehicle. If your transmission is in need of repair, your mechanic will run a series of diagnostic tests that will allow he or she to zero in on what is causing the problem. From there, it can be determined whether a part replacement or full system replacement is necessary.

Warning Signs to Look for

While not all issues with your transmission will provide you with a red flag, there are some things that you’ll want to keep an eye out for. By knowing and recognizing these problems as soon as they occur, you can prevent issues from getting out of hand and potentially leading to greater damage. If you experience any of these concerns, get your car into a garage right away. They can include: the sound of grinding gears while driving, hesitation when accelerating or turning your vehicle, slipping when applying the brakes and difficulty when shifting gears. While these may not all directly relate to the transmission, there is a good chance they could be warning signs that this system needs attention or repair.

Just Ask

You may be surprised to learn this, but many auto mechanics are happy to answer your questions pertaining to any of the services they complete. Whether you want to better understand what you’re paying for, or you would just like more insight so you can potentially prevent the problem from reoccurring down the line, you should never be afraid to ask questions! Additionally, always request a quote on service before agreeing to work with your garage. A mechanic’s ability to provide an upfront and honest cost estimate should give you peace of mind in choosing to move forward and work with them.

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