Is It Time for the Mobile Oil Change Business to Go Robotic?

Not long ago, I was talking to an acquaintance about the mobile oil change sector and how to increase the productivity. We discussed the oil evacuation strategy, he was unsure if this was the “best way” to do things as some oil might never get out of the motor during the change. The way I see it; I am not against Oil Evacuation Systems, if the oil is hot and all drained into the pan, you’d be surprised how well these systems work, some work better than draining the oil.

My acquaintance explained to me that “production” and “efficiency” were the key to success in the auto lube and change business model. Right so, how do you create a Finite Capacity Scheduling model with private vehicles? First, you get everyone to line up their own vehicles in Oil Change Row at a big corporation and you have all the oil filters collected in advance using a smartphone ordering ap. But, let me tell you it isn’t that easy.

Can we take this dialogue to a higher level? Certainly, let me attempt to do that. You see, personally, I’d like to design a robot to do aircraft ground maintenance between flights for the US Military for drone bases to save labor and costs. Why you ask are we even discussing all this, why do I care, or what’s the point?

Well, I say it’s time to take all this to a robotic level. Robotics I say; skip the labor, save the labor costs. I mean you may not like this idea, perhaps you are in a city that has just been hammered to hell economically and job losses, but with the ever increasing costs of labor, those in the oil change sector have to raise your prices, but if we raise them too much no one will want service. The robotics is not that difficult if it has human assist. Start motors, open hoods, close hoods, load robot back into the van.

Yes, this has been a fun conversation, and it’s time to really get your mind working like an entrepreneur – so you can win markets! In this auto service business model or any other business for that matter, you need to think about efficiency and productivity if you want to get to a profitable place in your company. If you cannot make money, service your customer’s needs and stay in business, then why bother in the first place. Please consider all this and think on it.

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