Why it’s Time to Speak To Your Bike Solicitors

So, you’ve been involved in a biking accident that wasn’t your fault. You are left with a broken bike, injuries and you now require treatment to help you get back on the mend, and back on your bike. How are you feeling? The chances are you are feeling hurt and vulnerable. Not only will your injuries be causing you discomfort, but if you can’t work or keep up with your usual daily routine, you may find that you are left out of pocket and rather frustrated.

What’s next?

The next step, once you have spoken to a medical professional to treat your injuries, is to speak to bike solicitors. These are trained solicitors who know exactly what is involved in making a claim for compensation. A bike accident is different from being involved in a car accident. You don’t have the same insurance so you need someone who understands the rules of the road. Someone who is there to fight your corner. Helping cycling accident victims get back to full health and back on the road is part of a bike solicitors job. A bike solicitor is usually someone who rides a bike themselves. Some have even been hit by cars too, so they know the frustration you feel.

Help is at hand

A bike solicitor will work with you to ensure that you get treatment as soon as possible, and at no extra cost to you. They will work to get you back to your job and back on your bike. Getting your bike repaired will also sit heavily on your mind. Bikes are expensive pieces of equipment, they are certainly not cheap. A good bike solicitor will have a network of dealers, local to you, who can work to get your bike fixed and up-and-running, at no cost to you. Why should you have to pay for something that wasn’t your fault?

Financial losses that you incur need to be reimbursed. It is vital that you don’t suffer any financial implications due to the bike accident.

Dealing with a claim and filing for compensation can seem extremely daunting. But it is important that you do so. Using bike solicitors with years of experience in this area is of paramount importance. They can advise you on any area that may be causing you unrest. Choose a bike solicitor who understands what it takes to be a cyclist today. Who know what the roads are like, and who are members of clubs such as the British Cycling and the Cycle Touring Club. A professional approach, but without losing the care and sensitivity that is needed when dealing with such difficult situations – that is what you need from a bike solicitor.

So, don’t delay. If you have been injured in a bike accident that wasn’t your fault, contact your bike solicitor today. They are on hand to help you claim the compensation that you need. You don’t suffer any more than you already have.

Carry on Cycling can help you with your claim. Get in touch with the specialists today.

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