Tips To Amplify the Lifespan of an Auto Battery

A car battery is the powerhouse of a car that controls other parts. Checking this part is undoubtedly an important work for the owner. But, the question lies is, how many of the car owners check the battery within a fixed interval? Perhaps no one does. In fact, every owner says that batteries are the “life spark of a car”. Unless it refuses to work, it does not get an attention. But, unfortunately, it gets too late to repair. Replacement becomes the only choice for the owners.

So to stay away from replacement and to extend the battery life, one need to take proper care. In this article, you will find out few tips to increase the life of a car battery.

Water Level:

Periodical checking of the water level, perhaps, plays an important role in the car battery maintenance. Distilled water is the best option for your battery. For refilling purpose, plastic or rubber tools are a preferable choice. Eliminate the use of metal for refilling purpose; it might contaminate the water quality. Many people have misconception about refilling, and they overfill the battery. This leads to damage of the battery. Hence, make sure that the plates remain submerged and avoid over-filling.

Never Jump-Start:

It is never a good idea to jump-start any cold dead battery. But, if you do not have any other option, allow the car to warm up. For warming up, keep your car in the sun for 30 minutes before you jump-start.

Stay Away from Short Trips:

This is the easiest ways to extend the life of your car battery. Less short trips can add up to the life of a car battery. This is much more important for the people who live in cold climatic zone. Condensation in the car exhaust takes place, when you start the engine. If it does not get properly evaporates, it results accumulation of water. So, if an owner is not using a car for a long time, it stops the process of evaporation. This in turn can accumulate water that might result in damage.

When Unused, Disconnect it:

When the car is not in use, it is a good choice to disconnect the battery. This is a good way to keep the car away from unnecessary electricity drainage.

Keep it Clean:

Cleanliness plays a crucial role in increasing the life of the car battery. With time, dirt and dust accumulate in the battery and on the cables. These might act as a good conductive agent, causing electricity loss and uncontrolled discharge. So to avoid the battery from crashing at an early age, keep it clean.

These are the few tips that can certainly become a great help for the owners to stay away from replacement. Following the above-said tips is very easy, but consistent maintenance is essential.

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