Tips for Cleaning the Exhaust of Your Car

A car’s exhaust system is composed of pipes in various shapes designed to link with one another. Every shape is conformed to a particular part of the car’s underside. Every pipe works to move the exhaust gas toward the back; however, a lot of segments are specialized.

Your car’s exhaust makes an exit through the muffler. As the color of the exhaust is dark, the muffler tends to become discolored and get dirty. Basically, the majority of mufflers are disposable which means that they are to be replaced. Thus, there is no available means to clean the muffler’s inside. Placing water in it will just cause rusting and not prolong its life. However, the outside of the muffler can be cleaned through some efficient ways.

Wipe Dirt or Soot Off

You can use paper towels or dry rag in wiping dirt or soot off from the muffler’s outside. Try to put latex gloves on for this. With this method, the amount of dirt you will have to deal with will be minimized as you utilize water.

Mix Dishwashing Soap and Water

Measure a teaspoon of dishwashing soap and mix it with one quart of warm water. In washing the outside part of the muffler, use a rag with this mixture. The dishwashing soap is helpful in cutting grease and removing stains that could not be removed by the drag rag alone.
Dry the Muffler to Shine it Up Later

This method is applicable when you observe that the muffler still appears dingy or doesn’t have its chrome-like sheen anymore. You just have to make sure that the muffler is totally dry before you do the next step.

Check What Material Your Muffler is Made Of

Identify whether you have a muffler that is made of chrome or aluminum. Depending on the muffler, purchase either aluminum or chrome polish.

Apply the Polish

Using soft and dry cloth, apply the polish. Rub it into the metal until you can see it shining. Aside from making the muffler appear new and shiny, the polish will also protects it from getting dirt easily.

If you have a rusty muffler, it is best to purchase a new one. When a muffler has enough rust to cause blockage, it is almost hopeless. If you cannot afford to buy a new one, you can poke holes through the muffler’s casing. The back pressure will be decreased by each hole which will also increase the exhaust noise.

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