Tips to Keep Your Car and Your Body Healthy!

My husband is a mechanic and I would be ashamed of myself if I didn’t pass along some information on how to keep your car healthy. Is there anything more upsetting than sitting in traffic and your car dies? Now, not only are people behind you upset with you, but all of the things you’ve been rattling off in your brain about needing when you get home are all being put on hold by the necessary evil of getting your car fixed.

Does anything bad happen when it’s a convenient time for it? Of course not! It’s always the worst possible time for your car to sputter. Most people don’t think about their cars much, until there’s a problem. And then there’s the upset over a bill that you didn’t expect.

The cars of today are made with a lot more creature features and computer parts than ever before. And like any mechanical device, those parts are expensive. Trust me when the wife of a mechanic says that a little maintenance will go a long way to avoid those ungodly car bills. Check out the list below of simple things you can do to avoid the stress of your car breaking down and the most inopportune times.

First, and foremost, change your oil on a regularly scheduled basis; 3,000 miles or three months, depending upon which type of oil you use. This will be the best thing you can do to extend the life of your car and save thousands of dollars on maintenance in the process.

Once a month, be sure to check all of the fluid levels of oil, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and windshield wiper fluid under your hood. This will only take you about 15 minutes but will avoid embarrassing breakdowns or the expense of a new car if you drive without enough oil and your engine seizes.

You should always fill your gas BEFORE it gets to be on empty. On the bottom of your fuel tank sits dirt, metal deposits, and residue that’s not good for your fuel injectors, or carburetor. These things getting into those systems can wreak havoc on how well the car is driving as well as becoming a hefty bill to fix those items that are not working properly from gunk that got through.

Check your tire pressure weekly and schedule an appointment to get your wheels aligned every six months. Not only will this help the car have a smoother ride and a safer ride, but it will help the tires last longer; hence, saving money in the long run.

Change your car’s filters frequently. Changing filters helps extend the life of your care since it will be operating much more efficiently.

Schedule an appointment to change the coolant at least once a year, but preferably every six months. Coolant is not gunk filled from the engine creates better efficiency as well.

The most important of all of these things is to schedule regular maintenance once a year. This will keep your warranties valid and keep more money in your pocket overall. In doing this every year, your also being proactive in possibly finding a minor issue before it becomes a costly problem.

My husband says all the time that he can make any car last forever just by doing regular maintenance. I can attest to this because when I really wanted to get out of my 1979 car to get a new one in 1988, he told me that it’s still alive and that he can make it live forever. Plus, taking care of your car like this, will most certainly increase your car’s value.

With all of this in mind, don’t forget that your body is no different than your car. You make regular check up visits to the doctors to keep things in check. When making those doctor’s appointments, it’s a great time to remember to bring balance back to your body with regular Reiki sessions. This will aid in your body’s ability to heal itself naturally when there’s a need for healing.

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