Tips for Saving Gas for Those Long Trips

Gas prices go up, gas prices go down. It feels like the price of fuel is a big sea saw ride. The price of gas can even vary depending upon which state you live in. In the United States of America we drive an average of three trillion miles per year. One reason for spikes in gasoline prices are consumer demand.

Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, July Fourth are busy travel days and can effect the price of gasoline. Hurricanes such as Katrina, Irene and Sandy can also contribute to a spike in crude oil prices. Here are a few ideas that can help

You save money on your car’s fuel costs.

1. Observing the speed limit can help you save on gas. When your driving up a hill saves on gas because your vehicle’s engine works harder when you drive uphill. When going down hill gravity is your friend so going a little faster downhill can help you save on your fuel.

2. Worn tires need replacing and be sure that your tires have proper air pressure. On the inside panel of your driver’s side door there is information about the correct tire size and your psi which means pounds per square inch. Over inflating or under inflating your tires could also be a problem.

3. Air conditioning use is often a factor when it comes to saving on gasoline depending on how much or how little you decide to use it. Turning off your air conditioning can lower the pull on your vehicle’s engine. However when it’s extremely hot be aware that you need to use your own discretion when to leave your air conditioning on or not. Take your own health and comfort into account when making this decision.

4. Get an inspection or a check up of your vehicle. Efficiency means greater gas mileage. Regular oil changes and proper maintenance are important.

5. Lighten your load, decreasing the amount of weight that you carry in your vehicle can also be a factor. For every 100 pounds of weight your gas mileage decreases by one percent. Take this into consideration when you think about traveling. Often packing a duffel bag instead of a suitcase and only bringing the necessities can help reduce the overall weight of the vehicle.

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