Tips On Selling Your Bike

Tips on selling your bike

Selling your beloved bike doesn’t have to be complicated and stressful. By doing some preparation and following our simple steps you can get a great return on bike.

  1. Give your bike a good check over. Make sure that it is in the same condition as you expected, as any problems will be noticed buy a buyer. You can’t expect a client to turn up and the engine doesn’t work.
  2. If the MOT is due, then get it done. An un-MOT’d bike or bike with its MOT due very soon can be very difficult to sell. Getting the MOT done for the next will increase the amount of people interested as potential buyers are not having to fork out for an additional cost. Plus, it makes you look more reliable.
  3. Have all the information about the bike ready. It will make checking service records, previous MOT, logbook etc. a lot quicker. The more information you have to hand, the more smoothly the selling process can be.
  4. Make any cosmetic repairs. Fixing a faded denter or purchasing a new typre will save you more money than knocking the price down because of it.
  5. It might sound a minor point but you should check both the oil level and tyre pressures. This will demonstrate to potential buyers that the bike has been well cared for while you’ve had it.
  6. Consider removing any extras separately. You could spend weeks selling a bike full of modifications with no such luck. Extras can put people off as it limits their ability to add their personality to a bike. Also the extra features might just put the motorbike out of people’s price range. If you remove the accessories, you can still sell them separately.
  7. Take your time and write a great description. This is your chance to tell the potential buyer all about the bike. Write about the history of your motorcycle, maintenance, modifications, extras, options, anything and everything the buyer would want to know.
  8. Take plenty of pictures. If you were buying the bike you’d want to be able to see as many details as possible before going to see it. Plus, If you can’t be bothered to take a single photo, you automatically assume that the seller is too lazy to follow through with any other part of the sale as well.
  9. If someone decides to buy a motorbike from you then they will be wanting a receipt in return. Offering a receipt provides them with faith in you.
  10. Explain why you are selling the bike. If your selling it because it doesn’t fit with your new lifestyle or financial reasons, lets potential buyers see that you still love it. It makes you come across a lot more trustworthy and puts faith in the condition of your vehicle if you tell the truth.

When selling your motorbike make sure that you are organised. Fix any minor repairs, check all the paperwork is there and get your bike in the best possible condition. These tips are here for you to make the best return on your investment.

This article was written by Becky Nisbet with useful information from Used Bike Wanted. Becky is marketing manager for a forward thinking digital agency in glorious Batley, West Yorkshire.

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