Tips To Consider Before Taking Your Car In For Its MOT

Every year that nerve racking time comes around that your vehicle needs to be taken in for its MOT, and there’s simply no way of avoiding it as it is a legal requirement for all UK vehicles. It needn’t be such a worry about having to pay out loads of money and spending lot’s of time on the car, as long as you prepare well beforehand and keep the car in good condition you will know what to expect. Please continue to read on to discover what you can do in order to prepare for your car’s MOT test.

To start with, make sure you car is nice and clean before you take it to the service station as it is possible they may refuse your car for being too dirty. Also when washing the car make sure you clean the number plate properly as it should be legible.

The next pointer to look at would be to make sure your brakes are working as they should be. To do this, try the foot brake by pressing down on the pedal and if it feels a bit resilient and springy then they should be checked out prior to the MOT. Another tip on the brakes is to test the hand brake. It is simple to do so, just see how far you are able to pull the hand brake up, if you feel it goes up too far and too easy, then the cable probably needs tightening. An additional factor to consider with the brakes, that not many people think about, is the ABS (Anti Braking System). This is also very easy to check, if you hold the steering wheel to one side whilst the engine starts and then release it and it returns to its original position, then they are fine. If not, then get them checked before the MOT because more than likely there is something wrong with the ABS.

Next you should check your exhaust and the exhaust system to make sure this works as it should, seeing as this is another thing checked in the MOT. One way to go about checking for any leaks in the exhaust system is to get someone to hold a cloth over the end of the exhaust whilst you start the engine, if the car stalls then it is working fine.

Another pointer that is checked during the MOT is the car lights. These are pretty simple for you to check yourself, you simply get someone to have a look to make sure all the lights are appearing. The lights to check are:

  • Brakes
  • Headlights
  • Sidelights
  • Indicators
  • Number Plate Lights

If any of the lights mentioned above are out, simply nip to a local car part shop and they’ll be able to provide you with a new and working bulb.

Other things to consider are:

  • Seat Belts – Ensure that all seatbelts in the car work as they should.
  • Wipers and Washers – Be sure that your wipers and washers work, with screen wash available for use in the washers.
  • Horn – Ensure the horn is in working condition.
  • Tyres – Be sure the tread is above 1.6mm and they are not damaged in any way.

Once everything mentioned above has been thoroughly checked, you are more than ready to take your car in for its MOT and you don’t need to worry about any further costs because you should know what is in working condition.

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