Tips To Get The Best Gas Mileage From Your Vehicle

We are all enjoying the downward trend in the gas prices, but deep inside we all know that eventually gas prices will rise. It never hurts to start good habits that will stick with you the rest of your life and will always save you money, no matter what the gas prices are.

We have put together some basic tips that will, when implemented together, save you money and not have to go to the gas station quite as often.

When you start your vehicle, only let it warm up for a couple minutes. I have seen many people let their vehicle run for 20 and sometimes up to 40 minutes before they are ready to go. Needless to say, this is going to affect your fuel mileage.

Give yourself plenty of room when pulling out into traffic. This will help you avoid hard acceleration which used more fuel to get to speed. When you do pull out, if possible try and avoid running your engine up to high rpm’s when shifting through the gears. Even with an automatic, giving it less gas will allow the automatic to shift sooner, saving fuel.

Try and maintain a steady speed. Have you ever been behind someone on the highway that is going 65 one second, then 58 the next, then 70 the next? Avoid the up and down speeds and you will save fuel.

When coming to a stop sign or a red light, begin coasting to a stop as soon as you can. Having your vehicle idle the last 100 feet before a stop will save fuel.

If you need to pass wait until you have plenty of room so that you can gently accelerate and increase your speed gradually without having to accelerate hard to get around the vehicle because of on-coming traffic.

If you make an effort to implement all these techniques when possible you will reduce your fuel costs and develop good habits that will pay off for the rest of your driving days.

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