Top 10 Reasons Why Pupils Fail Their Driving Test

The DSA has issued the 10 most common reasons why people fail their driving test and we want to give you a greater understanding of these.

The average pass rate differs in every UK driving test centre but the whole UK has a 45% pass rate. Don’t let this knock your confidence, if your ready for your driving test and you feel confident you will be part of this 45%, maybe even add to it! The DSA marks down what people pass and fail for and keep a record of this, we are going to translate these so you can understand them more and be aware not to do them on your driving test:

1. Ineffective observations or lack of accuracy when reverse parking is a common thing people fail on. Ineffective observations are when pupils aren’t looking around the car and in the mirrors enough. The lack of accuracy means that they aren’t parking closely enough to the curb or the car in front. Make sure that you take this on board if you get reverse park as your manoeuvre on your test.

2. Lack of observations and judgement at a junction. Another common thing that pupils fail on is this, hesitation is a minor fault and if this is done three times then you will fail your test. Hesitation is where you had the opportunity to go but don’t. On the other hand you could pull out at a junction and slow a car down behind you, making a car change its speed or direction is a serious fault and you will fail your driving test instantly as you should know. Get a lot of practice at this so that you are aware of the time frame you would need to be able to safely pull out of a junction.

3. Ineffective observation or lack of control when moving away. When moving away from the side of the road you need to make sure you follow the correct procedure. Do a correct blind spot look when carrying out your observations and move away from the curb at a constant speed which is not to slow or to fast. This is a common fault pupils have and needs to be addressed on your driving lessons.

4. Use of your signals is another reason why pupils fail. Some pupils either fail to give a signal, don’t cancel it or confuse other roads users with it. You can confuse other road users by signalling to early or to late, and you will fail if you signal to turn into a junction and there is one before it, here you would need to use a late signal to tell other drivers your intention.

5. Incorrect positioning at a roundabout, lane and bend is another common fault that pupils fail their driving test on. If you are heading down a dual carriage way and you want to turn right at the end, then you need to be positioned in your right hand lane. This catches a lot of pupils out because they don’t think of it as a one way road.

6. You need to get you foot down when on your driving test, hit the speed limit or you could fail your driving test. We recommend that you go 1 or 2 miles per hour below the speed limit to give yourself margin for error, but go to slow and have the examiner catch you out three times then you will fail!

7. Lack of steering control is another common fault that arises with pupils on their driving test. Steering to early can cause the back end of your car to mount the curb and fail you instantly, as well as steering to late and swinging out on to the other side of the road. Pupils get caught out on very sharp 90 degree bends, the trick is to steer quickly and move slowly, but we would advise you to practice this on your driving lessons with your instructor.

8. Ineffective observations or lack of accuracy when performing a turn in the road can also lead to you failing your driving test. Make sure you know what the examiner is looking for because they’re very specific with observations when it comes to performing a turn in the road.

9. The DSA have also said that a large percentage of pupils fail because they don’t check their mirrors often enough and act on what they see, we find it becomes almost a routine for a pupil when learning to drive and they don’t take in the information they see in the mirrors. Make sure you check your mirrors, take into account what you see and act upon it.

10. Ineffective observations or lack of accuracy when reversing around a corner. A lot of pupils think that this is the hardest manoeuvre and that is why it is in the most common reasons why people fail their driving test. the trick is to match the speed your going to amount of steer you have on. Take it slow and you have time to correct anything that you see is going wrong.

As you can see in the list above most pupils fail due to lack of observations and judgement, almost all of these are involved in the above and you need to make sure that when on your driving lessons you take this into account, keep well alert and awake and keep a look out for any potential hazards.

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