Top 5 Car Care Tips for Holiday Travel

Summer is here with us again, a period that is synonymous with a lot of travel. With the high temperatures being great for us, it is important that the vehicle is taken care of too, so that you can enjoy on a great time also. With the tips outlined below, you will ensure that there is a lot of car care taken for your vehicle, and likewise expect great reliability.

The first thing that you need to take note of is an oil change. Oil is without fact the blood of your vehicle and without it; you cannot cover even two miles. Ensure that you get an oil change if you are planning on covering great distances. If not, ensure that you have checked on the date that the vehicle is due for an oil change and change it then.

Take note of the windshield wiper blades wear and replace them within good time. To check on their quality, just splash on the wiper fluid and see on how efficient the wipers are in cleaning the windshield. If streaks are left, make sure you change the wipers prior to your travel. An easier method is to ensure that you get a change of the blades every 6 months. It is also vital that you check that the wiper fluid is always at the recommended level.

Check that you do have an emergency car kit in the vehicle that is well stocked in the event that you were to need it. The least that you should have in your emergency car kit is Jumper cables, reflective triangles, flares, first aid kit, flashlight, map, water and a tire pressure gauge.

Make sure that you keep track of your tire condition as you travel, checking for obvious signs of wear and tear when you make pit stops. It is also recommended that you check that tire pressure is even prior to the start of a long journey, as even tire pressure will significantly reduce the vehicle’ s consumption and create even wear and tear.

Finally, ensure that you do an overall check on specific areas of the vehicle such as steering wheel, lights and the overall body of your vehicle so that you can make a determination if your vehicle is fit for holiday travel. If possible, do take time and have your vehicle serviced by a mechanic prior to a long journey, as this might help you save massively in the long run.

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