Transmission Repair Specialists For All Vehicle Types

Transmission repair is something you may not want because it can be costly, but it might be a necessity. There are many mechanics that offer services for these parts, but it is best to go to a place that specializes in this one specific task. Before you bring your car in, there are some things you can do first. If your fluid level is low, this might be what the problem is. In fact, if your fluid level is low, your car should be having problems. The transmission in a car needs fluid in order to operate correctly. While there are many components in a car, this is the part that communicates between your engine and your wheels. If it is not working correctly, the car will not move.

Fortunately, a car will usually begin to warn its owner of problems before transmission repair is needed. These warnings should be taken seriously, and the first step is to check the fluid. This fluid should be checked while the car is running, and the car should be at ground level. To check the fluid, you must first locate the correct reservoir. Once you do, you can pull the dipstick out and look at it. It should be a transparent red color and it may look similar to the color of cherry cough syrup. If the fluid is not this color, it may just need to be changed. You will know if it is a muddy color and if it has a burnt smell. You may be able to get by just from adding more of it or by having it flushed.

In a car that is automatic, one of the first symptoms you will notice is that the car is having trouble shifting gears. You may have to let up on the accelerator to get the car to shift into the next gear. The other common symptom is when you are driving the car might suddenly act like it is in neutral. You will press the gas and nothing will happen except that the engine will rev up. Your car may also be prone to stalling when you initially take off. All of these are symptoms of a problem, and they may be able to be corrected just by adding fluid.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, you should find a transmission repair shop. Make an appointment and let an expert mechanic look at your car. They will troubleshoot it to determine exactly what the problem is. If they can get by with just performing minor repairs, they will. This is not always possible though. In some cases, the transmission repair turns into replacing the entire component. This is the worst case scenario, but it is common. It can happen to any car, no matter what the age of the car is. Most people think it only happens to old vehicles, but this is not true. It can happen to any car, but there are shops that can fix these problems for you.

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