The Trickiest Driving Routes in Brentwood

The lovely and calm city of Brentwood in Essex is definitely not a driver’s hell, because it’s more of a residential area, with quiet streets and beautiful houses on both sides of the road. However, there comes a time when even this idyllic image turns into chaos: the driving test. There probably isn’t a student out there who can keep his or her calm while the inspector analyses every turn and waits for a mistake to be made. If driving tests were stressful before, now they are all the more so, with the Driving Standards Agency deciding not to make the routes public anymore. Knowing the routes in advance will not enhance your driving abilities, but it will help you feel more relaxed, because it is never an exciting prospect to be given a route and have no idea where to turn.

Almost everyone has a car or a license in Brentwood, because this town does not shine through its public transport. There are few bus routes and those often stop running after 6 pm, which means that those who work after this hour have to pay a lot of money on taxi. Therefore, most residents apply for a driving license as soon as they reach the legal age. The exam is very easy if you have a bit of practice with the streets and your driving lessons in Brentwood thought you about the most difficult routes. One of the longest and most difficult ones is the route which starts on Warley Hill and ends at Junction Rd, passing through West Park Hill and Mascalls Lane. Because this route is designed to test your knowledge of street signs and junctions, you will have to pass six traffic lights, a slip road and no less than five roundabouts.

Another route starts at the Driving Test Centre on Warley Hill, continues on Nags Head Lane, Squirrel Heath Rd and stops on Junction Rd. Just like the first route, this one includes many traffic lights and roundabouts. Apart from these two routes, there are three other ones of similar difficulty. No matter what driving school in Brentwood you choose, the instructor should introduce you to these five routes.

Statistics show that 67.3% of those who take their driving test in Brentwood fail, which is not very good news for first timers. The high incidence of failures is not necessarily due to the intricate streets, but to the somewhat aggressive drivers, who are not always forgiving on beginners. With preparation and steady nerves, anyone can pass the test and get a license. However, you should remember that, for best results, you should practice both when the streets are empty and when they are crowded. This way, you will know what to expect and you will not have the unpleasant surprise of discovering hectic traffic on the day of the test. If you are not familiar with the streets and routes, you can always practice using online maps and learn the tricky junctions that can cause you trouble.

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